Cairns Charter on Partnerships for Ecotourism

Cairns Charter on Partnerships for Ecotourism
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It is my pleasure to post the Cairns Charter on Partnerships for Ecotourism.

The Cairns Charter on Partnerships for Ecotourism builds on the principles of the Quebec Declaration and seeks to support the establishment and operation of ecotourism partnerships.

The draft Charter was developed during Ecotourism Australia's "Ecotourism - a world of difference" conference 21-25th October 2002, Cairns, Australia. The draft was then made available for a period of public consultation, during which comments were received from parties all over the world. The final draft reflects the input received and fine tuning from the Charter's International Steering Committee.

The Charter also contains an Action Plan that outlines activities designed to contribute to implementation of the Charter, as identified at the Cairns conference. Each Action Plan is accompanied by timeframes for implementation and the organisation responsible for implementation.

The Cairns Charter on Partnerships for Ecotourism and Action Plan are available from this website for all Cairns Conference delegates and other interested individuals and organizations.

It is anticipated that the Charter will be reviewed on a regular basis - providing an opportunity for it to evolve and remain relevant to the world's ecotourism industry.

On behalf of Ecotourism Australia, I would like to thank all individuals and organisations that contributed to the development of the Charter, and I look forward to working with you into the future.

Tony Charters

Chair - Cairns Charter Steering Committee
Secretary - Ecotourism Australia

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