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Ecotourism Australia is proud to host the Global Eco Conference, the world's longest running ecotourism conference, every year. This event, which has been running now for a quarter of a century, brings together the world’s leading speakers on ecotourism, sustainability and responsible tourism, as well as tourism operators, protected area managers, tourism organisations, Indigenous bodies and researchers to discuss ecotourism, sustainability and best practice initiatives. 

Ecotourism Australia’s members have always been at the cutting edge of ecotourism development at a global level and Global Eco is a clearing house of ideas, innovation and best practice. The conference creates opportunities for business-to-business and business-to-government collaboration, focused on practical and applied ecotourism. It is also content rich: Every year, keynote speakers drive discussions across the key thematic areas and specialised masterclasses and workshops enable delegates to maximise their investment. Delegate interaction is encouraged, and relationship building is enabled through exceptional networking events and technical tours.

Member benefits

Certified operators receive a 25% discount on registrations for the Annual Global Eco Conference.


Global Eco 2019 - Cairns

Cairns, QLD | 02 - 04 December 2019

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Ecotourism Australia Masterclasses

Interested in attending Global Eco Conference but want a taste test first? 

Ecotourism Australia's 1 Day Masterclasses showcase Australian Tourism Award-winning operators and industry experts. These speakers share their experience with attendees across a 1-day knowledge-sharing and networking event, which will leave you inspired, challenged and equipped to improve your business. 

Find out more about upcoming masterclasses here.


As an Australian consultant specializing in nature based tourism planning and based in Central America, I found the conference a great platform for learning about what is happening in Ecotourism in the Asia-Pacific region. It was also a great opportunity to meet other practitioners, operators and professionals in the industry as well as share our team’s experience. In addition, I really enjoyed learning more about tourism in South Australia and Adelaide through the presentations as well as exploring the region post-conference. The selection and diversity of the speakers and material presented was impressive and the organization world class. Our team will be making an effort to attend regularly.

– Matthew Flynn, Design Director and Partner, VIDA Design Studio

As Eco conferences go, you are not going to beat Global Eco for diverse and inspiring presentations, interesting and actionable insights, and valuable networking opportunities. Global Eco at Rottnest Island was one of the best organised conferences I have attended.

– Bruce Bromley, Chief Financial Officer, Soneva Group, Thailand 2015

 A fantastic opportunity to meet and learn from the world leaders of ecotourism industry. Definitely very inspiring and practical!

– Dr Young Ng, Chairman Association for Geoconservation Hong Kong 2015

 Global Eco Asia-Pacific Conference has always sent a high benchmark with great contents. It is getting better each year and very innovative even as the industry is being disrupted by global trends whether it is environment or technology. This is why it has been running successfully for 23 years.

– Albert Teo, Founder Borneo Ecotours, Malaysia 2015