Ecotourism Australia (EA) holds sustainability as a core principle across all of our operations. We constantly strive to improve our sustainability performance through a series of best practice initiatives.

As a certification provider for over 1,500 tourism products, EA delivers and promotes ecologically sound practices at the forefront of the tourism industry. Our certification programs create an incentive for tourism operators to embrace best practice methods, fostering tourism sustainability into the future. Certification also gives tourism operators confidence in their sustainability initiatives and motivation to further develop their practices for the benefit of the environment.

EA hosts the annual Global Eco Conference, the longest running ecotourism conference in the world. The conference brings together tourism operators, protected area managers, tourism organisations, Indigenous bodies and researchers to discuss ecotourism, sustainability and best practice initiatives.

We continually seek to advance our sustainability initiatives and set a strong example for the tourism industry. 


Climate Action Leader

Ecotourism Australia (EA) developed and provides the Climate Action certification program which is dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EA itself has undergone Climate Action certification and is certified as a Climate Action Leader, the highest level of certification under the program.

As a Climate Action Leader, EA helps set the benchmark for climate sustainability in the tourism industry. We have met a range of criteria that aim to limit greenhouse gas emissions from our operations and manage risks related to climate change impacts. For example, we use energy efficient lighting and ensure that we consume goods and services from sustainable suppliers wherever possible. We have developed a range of strategies to prepare for and mitigate risks that climate change may present to EA's offices, ensuring that our operation will remain sustainable well into the future.

Sustainable Partnerships

Ecotourism Australia (EA) has garnered numerous partnerships with a range of organisations promoting sustainability in the tourism industry both in Australia and overseas. Groups like TripAdivsor, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, UNESCO, Conservation Volunteers Australia and each National Parks and Wildlife service across Australia work in cooperation with EA.

Our partnerships foster collaboration in developing and promoting environmentally friendly products. These working relationships bring best practice initiatives to the forefront of the industry making them accessible to the public, as well as tourism operators responsible for the sustainability of their operations.

Energy Supply

Ecotourism Australia (EA) has pursued strategies to lower emissions resulting from our energy consumption. As of 2015, EA is purchasing 50% of our energy requirements as GreenPower

GreenPower is a Government initiative that allows homes or businesses to purchase energy generated from renewable sources direct from their energy supplier. The majority of emissions from our operations stem from electricity use within EA's offices, which have been lowered significantly as a result of GreenPower purchases. 

Emissions Reporting

Ecotourism Australia (EA) undertakes emissions recording and reporting on an annual basis. We have identified all sources of EA's emissions, as well as the extent to which each of these contribute to EA's carbon footprint.

By identifying and understanding where EA's emissions come, we have developed strategies to effectively lower our contribution to the greenhouse effect. We have prioritised the largest sources of emissions within the office to create a more sustainable organisation. emissions reporting

Given the scale of emissions resulting from air travel, every flight is purchased with offsets to ensure that any emissions from flights are negligible. Heating and air conditioning are the biggest contributors to EA's emissions from electricity consumption and we have developed a policy to minimise air conditioning and heating use in the office.

We will continually strive to improve our energy efficiency by building on these initiatives and directing efforts where they are most needed.

Growing Awareness

Ecotourism Australia (EA) believes that education is important for increasing awareness about the plight of the planet's environment and the role ecotourism can play in achieving sustainability. Our marketing material strives to highlight potential threats and impacts to the environment surrounding tourism, as well as practices to prevent and mitigate these impacts. 

As the number of tourism operators certified under EA increases, public awareness about the importance and value of sustainable tourism practices grows. Through our work, EA helps people learn about often simple changes that can have a positive impact on nature, increasing conservation efforts in Australia and beyond.