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Adventure Bay Charters

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Adventure Bay Charters offers the all-inclusive, eco-alternative to traditional shark cage diving with music used to attract sharks. Fitted with the world's only acoustic attraction methods and Aqua Sub, this company is inclusive, individual and inviting. Meet the apex predator of the sea and puppies of the sea in their most natural states. Tours depart daily from Port Lincoln.

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COVID-19 update: Open for business!

  • Sealion Adventures

    Our Sealion tour is a half day trip and sets off early from the Marina Hotel at 6.30am heading to the sheltered waters of Hopkins Island, part of the Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area. The trip takes about 1.5 hours in comfortable forward facing seating with enough room to stretch out and snooze off the early morning. Fresh fruit as well as tea and coffee will be served. On this early morning cruise there are often sightings of dolphins, seals and local seabirds.

  • Swim with Great Whites

    This is diving with Great White Sharks...but with a twist! Adventure Bay Charters uses music to attract sharks making it the most natural way to view the legendary Great White Shark in it's natural habitat. So nobody missed the action, you can jump in the Aqua Sub - a glass submersible room with 360 degree views where you can stay dry. 


  • Swim with the Sea Lions

    Fall in love with the 'puppies of the sea.'  Snorkel freely with wild Australian Sea Lions in their natural habitat and see just why they are known as puppies. Their enthusiasm and energy to play with you makes this the world's most interactive wildlife tour. 

    Set off on an unforgettable underwater adventure here in beautiful Port Lincoln. Relax on our comfortable fully enclosed vessel on your 1.5 hour journey. Take in the beautiful scenery as you cruise through Boston Bay and Thorny Passage. Upon arrival experience the thrill of being tantalisingly close to the sea′s most playful mammals. These fascinating puppy dogs of the sea will welcome you to the crystal clear waters of Seal Cove, Hopkins Island. Watch them as they bound out to the boat with excitement to begin their awaited performance. These inquisitive sea mammals will engage you in their underwater production. Somersaults, back flips, and graceful swirls will fascinate and amaze you!

  • The Ultimate Ocean Safari

    This unparalleled two day, overnight trip between the Spencer Gulf and Neptune Islands is a Safari that you cannot find anywhere else in the world and one that will stay with you for life.

  • Wet 'N' Wild Adventures

    Set off on a day of Wet ‘n′ Wild adventure! Cruise through Boston Bay and Thorny Passage past the undiscovered wilderness of the Port Lincoln Nation Park. Begin your underwater experience at the secluded beaches of Seal Cove, Hopkins Island. Here the resident Sea Lion population will welcome you with open flippers! Take a splash! Swim, snorkel and photograph these inquisitive Australian mammals. Interaction with these puppy dogs of the sea is guaranteed. Often 40 Sea Lions surround our boat! Spend approximately 90 minutes in this unforgettable marine encounter!