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Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary

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Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary is a multi-award-winning private wilderness sanctuary; 600 square kilometres of rugged, ancient, northern Flinders Ranges, 600km from Adelaide. Arkaroola's scenery and geology is so special it has its own Act of Parliament protecting it. Enjoy 4WD tracks, flights, animal and bird watching, wild mountains, waterholes and astronomy. At Arkaroola you will find motels, caravan park, restaurant, bar, pool and fuel. 

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  • Astronomical Tours

    Visitors have a rare opportunity to tour the universe by combining one of Australia′s largest privately owned observatories with the new-age Star Chairs (computer controlled, with powerful binoculars). Three professionally equipped observatories are available for tours - ‘BYO′ equipment is encouraged. Arkaroola boasts some of the best astronomical seeing conditions in the Southern Hemisphere - our night skies are clear, free of atmospheric and light pollution.

  • Bats & Bubbly

    Join an early evening drive/walk along Arkaroola Creek at Bolla Bollana Springs and enter another world. Watch as Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies and Euros come to drink at the springs in the last light. Discover what your ears cannot normally hear, as your guide tracks ultrasonic sound signatures made by bats, using special 'Bat Boxes'. Learn why being 'creatures of the night' is an effective survival strategy in arid Australia - and enjoy a nice cold glass of bubbly while taking in the sunset & wildlife!

  • Echo Camp Backtrack Self Guided 4WD Tour

    A 4 hour, extreme self-drive 4WD adventure tour of the Echo Camp Backtrack - this economically priced tour is available for visitors and guests who have their own 4WD, enabling them to experience remote and rugged four-wheel-driving with the knowledge that, should and emergency arise, help is available (a 'search and rescue watch' is placed on all vehicles). Visit tranquil waterholes, the spectacular 250m deep Barrama Gorge, and the breathtaking views from the top of the Flinders Ranges. Magnificent mountainous and desert scenery and a variety of wildlife. A printed guide-booklet is provided for all vehicles taking this tour. A must-do for all 4WD vehicle owners, with sections of the track classified as 'Extreme 4WD'. 4WD with low-range and high clearance is necessary for this track.

  • Ridgetop Tour

    Travelling in a specially constructed open-top 4WD vehicle, Ridgetop passengers are taken on a guided tour of some of the most spectacularly rugged country on earth. A 4.5 hour guided tour through the country that earned its own Act of Parliament and Protection from mining (The Arkaroola Protection Act of 2012). Traverse wild, rugged terrain, deep valleys and razor-backed ridges, to the iconic Sillers Lookout, with panoramas of the northern Flinders Ranges, Lake Frome and the semi-desert. Trained tour guides share their knowledge of Arkaroola's 1600-million year geological history as they navigate the steep slopes and hair raising ascents of the famous Ridgetop Track.

  • Scenic Flight 1

    This 35-minute Arkaroola Sanctuary Flight will take you from the ancient sedimentary seabed layers of southern Arkaroola to the unruly granite and quartzite outcrops of Mt Gee, the Mawson Plateau and the Freeling Heights.

  • Scenic Flight 2

    A 40-minute Lake Frome Flight that takes you east across the flood plains to the whitest salt lake in Australia. Shade your eyes from the flat crystalline expanse of kilometres of salt glinting in the sun, flanked by 20,000 year old sand dunes trapped forever in the Lake's crusty grasp, a relic of the time when central Australia was once an inland sea.

  • Scenic Flight 3

    Combine Scenic Flights 1 and 2 for a remarkable 75-minute flight above an Australian landscape filled with rugged contrasts.

  • The Village Walk

    Get the most out of your stay at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary by taking a Village Walk soon after you arrive. Spend a leisurely hour with a guide and learn why the sanctuary was created. Your guide will introduce you to the cultural and natural history of the northern Flinders Ranges, and whet your appetite for much more!

  • Waterhole Tours

    There are over 100km of graded roads throughout Arkaroola, where you can drive yourself to some magic places in either cars or by 4WD. A variety of Guided and Tag-along Waterhole Tours have been put together for you to enjoy native flora and fauna in the vicinity of mysterious and tranquil waterholes.
  • Weetbix & Wallabies

    Join us on an early morning breakfast tour out to the tranquil Arkaroola Waterhole, prime habitat for the beautiful Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby. Our guides will teach you how to correctly identify rock-walliabies and other kangaroos. Learn why the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby is a threatened species and what conservation measures are in place to ensure its survival.

  • Written in the Rocks

    Why use your vehicle? Come with us on a 4 hour guided drive/walk out to magnificent Bararranna Gorge on the Paralana Hot Springs road. Stop at the Ochre Wall, Lively′s Gold Find, the Welcome Mine and the Jasper Twins, as we explore the complex geology of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary. Wander over glacial rocks at Stubbs Waterhole and ponder the vastness of geological time in Bararranna Gorge where ancient sea-bed now forms spectacular near-vertical cliffs. You may also be rewarded with sightings of Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies and Peregrine Falcons, both of which are threatened species in Australia.