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Australian Age of Dinosaurs

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Australian Age of Dinosaurs is a multi-award-winning science-based, not-for-profit museum and major tourist attraction located in Outback Queensland. The Museum is situated on a large mesa (The Jump-Up) and hosts daily guided tours through its facilities. The Museum site includes the Laboratory, Reception Centre, Dinosaur Canyon and on site accommodation.

  • Maloney Lodge

    Located just 50 metres from the Fossil Preparation Laboratory on The Jump-Up, Maloney Lodge has five fully-furnished adjoining cabin-style rooms (single and twin-stay) with shared kitchen, bathroom, laundry facilities and BBQ area.

  • The Jump-Up

    Construction on The Jump-Up site has been based on best practices, making use of innovative environmental advancements wherever possible. This includes solar generated electricity and water pumping; nature assisted climate control and environmentally friendly waste management systems. The Jump-Up is home to a diverse array of fauna including numerous lizard species, mammals and birds.

  • Ultimate Dinosaur Tour

    Visitors to the Museum are guided on an Ultimate Dinosaur Tour of the Laboratory, the most productive in the Southern Hemisphere, the Reception Centre housing rare holotype dinosaur fossils and Dinosaur Canyon, an outdoor exhibition featuring life-sized bronze dinosaurs. As a tourism operator, the Museum offers visitors world-class customer service, once-in-a-lifetime experiences and up-to-date scientific knowledge.