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Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre Pty Ltd

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Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre offers exciting adventure tours in the scenic foothills of World Heritage-listed Barrington Tops. Join a white water kayak adventure on Barrington River, or bushwalk or mountain bike across our high green forests. Our guided tours are graded to suit your experience with all equipment provided.


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  • Barrington Tops Tour

    Just because you're not into physical adventures doesn't mean you should miss out. BOAC also offers 4WD and bus tours of the spectacular Barrington Tosp Region. Our expedienced guides will show you the best of the Copeland and Barrington Tops while sharing their knowledge on the history ofthe area, flora and fauna. A fresh lunch and afternoon tea will keep you going for this full day activity.
  • One Day Mountain Biking Tours

    The backdrop to your BOAC MTB adventure changes dramatically as your trail winds down through the Barrington wilderness: spectacular views become towering old growth trees pushing through a lush tangle of forest before transforming into open woodlands; steeper descents melt into gentle slopes. What's even better? It's all down hill. And you're riding a state-of-the-art Kona bike with front suspension and disk brakes. We've spent a heap of time on the Barrington bush trails. We love them. That's how we're able to help you choose the best mountain biking adventure to suit your age and skill level. If you're a beginner, BOAC offers you a safe and comfortable way to learn this new sport. We're there if you need us, for physical and technical support or to share our knowledge of the area and its inhabitants. We measure our success in the width of your smile. Don't think it has to be a cruise though. Some of you will want to get your heart pumping, and that suits us too. We'll show the more experienced riders the best sections to tackle and where you can pick up the speed. We're not kidding when we say we'll take you places you've never been. Some of our trails cross onto private property and we have exclusive access to these areas. On a bike you get to experience more of our impressive locations while minimising your impact on the environment. Your MTB tour will give you exclusive entry to our spectacular unspoilt forests and gorges while minimising your impact on the environment. It's also a fantastic way to exercise. Choose between a full day ride out of Barrington Tops or a couple of shorter rides off Copeland Tops.
  • One Day White Water Kayaking Tour

    A kayaking tour with BOAC is stress free. We'll start by supplying you with all the latest quality equipment and safety gear you could possibly need. This includes: helmets, Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) and spray decks which are provided for your protection. We'll even show you how to use them. Our river guides are fully accredited and experienced. We love the water and can't wait to share this experience with you, but before we head off we'll take the time to teach you everything you need to know. We'll gear our paddling techniques and safety instructions to your level of expertise and pass our intimate knowledge of the rivers on to you. Then we'll take you on a ride you'll never forget. Food? Who can think of food? Well to be honest you won't have to. We'll throw in freshly prepared gourmet meals, depending on the length of your adventure, to keep you going. Got an appetite? Keep reading. This is the most awesome way you could spend one day! You'll discover for yourself why the Barrington River is considered one of the best white water kayaking and canoeing rivers in NSW. The focus and pace of the day will be determined by you and your group. You choose your ideal adventure: surging full speed down the river or reconnecting with nature and taking advantage of your guide's local knowledge, or anything in between. Rest assured though that by the time you get home you'll have experienced truly magnificent surroundings, gained a strong sense of personal achievement, and met some great people.
  • Outdoor Education Programs

    Outdoor education programs with BOAC incorporate a number of different activites in the Copeland Tops, Barrington Tops and Barrington River areas. Programs can be made up of any of the following activities in a number of formats, focused on fun, education, skills development, team building, leadership or the environment: white water canoeing, white water kayaking, white water rafting, white water li-loing, single track mountain biking, cross country mountain biking, downhill mountain biking, Australian bush survival skills, tree planting, bush walking, orienteering, abseiling, low ropes, initiative games and camp craft. Barrington Outdoor Adventure Centre creates modern, quality and safety-conscious professional programs that are tailored the clients individual needs. We offer a range of outdoor education programs that promote fun and relaxation, and focus on the learning of key outdoor skills, and everything in between. We also provide Cadet, PDHPE, Geography and Duke of Edinburgh Expeditions that further challenge and develop student skills and abilities.
  • Two Day Peddle/Paddle Tour

    Can′t decide between the mountain biking and white water kayaking tours? Relax. You can have it all. BOAC has introduced an adventure weekend that gives you the best of both tours and allows you to experience the true diversity of the Barrington ecosystem. Your journey begins 1500 metres above sea level in the sub alpine country. It finishes the following day in the infamous ‘Wave′ and 'Steps′ rapids of the Barrington River. Read on to find out more about the two day ride of your life. Your adventure starts by tackling the Thunderbolt′s Trail downhill mountain bike ride. If the views don′t leave you speechless, the adrenalin certainly will. You′ll descend 1000 metres over 30 kilometres and witness awe-inspiring landscapes that change dramatically as you ride. Listen to the bellbirds ringing through the cool mountain air, glimpse brush turkeys scrounging on the forest floor and share the sense of confidence and camaraderie that this unique experience brings. At the end of the day, we′ll reach our campsite. You have nothing to do but put your feet up and enjoy the magnificent surrounds or even take a dip in the pristine Barrington River. We′ll do the rest for you. It′s tempting to linger over our delicious breakfast but the wild Barrington River calls. We love the water and can′t wait to share this experience with you, but before we head off we′ll take the time to teach you everything you need to know. Then we′ll take you on a paddle you′ll never forget. Glide along the gentler sections of our pristine waters. Witness the beauty and tranquillity of the gorge country that slowly comes to life around you, and hone your skills for the adrenalin packed white water rapids ahead. You′ll love the grade 2 rapids, and depending on your ability we′ll get your heart pumping with the Steps, S-Bend and Meaning of Life. Your weekend to remember will finish with a hot shower, afternoon tea and the perfect coffee back at BOAC.
  • Two Day White Water Kayaking Tour

    Like our one day tour, only better. Our Two Day tours are the sensible choice for those who know that one day in The Barrington Tops is never enough. See more wildlife and breathtaking beauty. Feel more adrenalin and connection to this amazing environment. Be more fulfilled and at peace. Get more confidence in kayaking, enjoy yourself more and get more value for your money. Two days on the Barrington River will give you the best that NSW kayaking has to offer. Again, the pace and the focus are up to you. We supply everything you need from wetsuits to a comfortable campsite and four succulent meals. We'll even provide you with a story worth telling over dinner.