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Blue Mountains National Park

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Blue Mountains National Park is a world class tourism destination renowned for its massive sandstone cliffs, clear mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers and is at the centre of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Home to the famous Three Sisters, Blue Mountains National Park is easily accessible from Sydney. The park offers visitors the opportunity to discover and explore Aboriginal culture, walking tracks, camping, canyoning, and mountain biking activities.

Ecotourism in Action

Blue Mountains National Park is a World-Heritage, world class Ecotourism Destination.

Significant developments have been achieved over the past few years include:

  • Three Sisters Walk development adjacent to Echo Point has developed a first class accessible work featuring sculptures by a local artist introduced to interpret the landscape.  NPWS ‘cooperative relationship the Gundungurra community has been instrumental in developing this site and the introduction of the animal Sculptures has been embraced.
  • The Blue Mountains Heritage Centre forms the nucleus of the National Park and the recent refurbishment offers the opportunity to promote the sustainability of the tourism experience and to encourage both locals and visitors to play an active role in supporting the conservation efforts of the park. The Virtual Canyon Experience at Blackheath Heritage Centre is an innovative approach to encouraging visitors to explore the park and allows everyone to still experience the exhilaration of canyoning.
  • There are an extensive number walks available across the park catering for a wide range of abilties. The recently restored Grand Canyon Walking Track is one of the best short walks in Australia offering a series of waterfalls , creeks and spectular views along the track. The sheer spectacle of National Pass that traverses the midline of the 200 metre high cliffs can provide an in depth knowledge of the environment; its geological wonder; importance as a drinking water catchment for Sydney; or as a feeding ground for annual bird migrations.
  • Blue Mountains Discovery for Schools is a NSW school curriculum focussed program that has been established in the park for well over a decade. Offering content for a range of subjects suiting K-12 children, the program promotes awareness of human impact at all levels, whilst teaching children of their responsibility to the environment.
  • With significant growth in visitor numbers to the Blue Mountains, pressure on local infrastructure is a significant issue for this protected area. Car parking, road infrastructure and the increasing popularity of Blue Mountains National Park walks all provide the challenges for future planning and strategic management of the park. With increased demand there is even more need to focus on supporting a ‘leave no trace’ approach. This can be in part addressed through education with our programs providing the ideal platform to encourage the next generation to have a heightened awareness on preserving our protected areas.
  • Signage and compliance are key to supporting activities on park. Staff are conscientious in implementing sustainability programs both at the visitors contact points such as the Blue Mountains Heritage Centre as well as the Works Depot demonstrating a commitment to sustainable practice. A collaborative approach to sustainable tourism is key at this significant World Heritage park.

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  • Blue Mountains Discovery Walks Talks and Tours

    Blue Mountains Discovery Walks Talks and Tours presents a vast array of talented, trained, experienced guides who can show you the best of the Blue Mountains, take you deep into canyons, or across windswept heath, scale vertical cliffs on heritage pathways next to giant waterfalls and show you rare plants, animal hideouts, and much more.

  • Blue Mountains National Park

    Over 10,300 square kilometres of amazing natural beauty, a vast and seamless expanse of the most beautiful forests, sandstone plateaus, rugged tablelands, sheer cliffs and inaccessible valleys. Blue Mountains National Park, world renowned for its massive sandstone cliffs, clear mountain streams waterfalls and rivers is at the geographic centre of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.