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Camel Treks Australia

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Camel Treks Australia is an award-winning company where guests can experience adventure with Australia’s most experienced camel-riding trek operators. We allow guests to both ride our camels on extended overnight journeys and closely connect with them as they travel together through diverse natural landscapes. Family-owned and operated, Camel Treks Australia has decades of experience, having been mentored by old camelmen of the past. Working and living with camels is our passion. Sharing this experience is our life.

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  • Camel Trekking School Camp

    Camel Treks Australia takes curriculum out of the classroom and into the Flinders Ranges Outback South Australia, one of the oldest landscapes in the world. In addition to camel riding, camps are based on guided self-discovery learning with tasks that develop communication, decision-making, problem-solving, resilience, team building, and leadership.

  • Camel Treks

    We offer several camel trekking options that range from 3 to 15 days in the Flinders Ranges region. Focusing on creating an unique experience that allows unlimited time with our friendly camels, we provide seasoned crew, comfortable swags, and campfire cooking for a personalised camel experience through truly stunning landscapes.