• Capricorn, Queensland
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  • 30 Olsen's Caves Rd
    The Caves, 4702
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Capricorn Caves

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Capricorn Caves is an award winning Eco tourism attraction located just 23km north of Rockhampton. The property offers a variety of tours ranging from easy walking with wheelchair access to heart pumping adventure experiences. There is also a caravan park with self contained cabins located on the property. 

  • Abseiling

    Our abseiling sites give you the chance to descend down an natural rock face into the cave environments below. Attempt our easy and hard descents. No previous experience required.

  • Adventure Caving Tour

    Capricorn Caves really is the beating heart of Central Queensland′s adventure tourism industry. This limestone playground boasts a number of challenging adventure caving routes; catering to all skill and fitness levels. With all gear - including coveralls, helmets and torches - supplied, all you need to bring is your sense of adventure and possibly your sense of humour when squeezing through ‘Fat Man′s Misery′!
  • Bats and Bones (Poo & Spew) Tour

    Poo and spew! Kids, do you believe bat poo and owl spew can give climate change clues and evidence of our very own mega fauna? This fun and interactive tour gives you the chance to examine tiny ancient bones under a microscope and visit a cave filled with marine fossils. We talk about today's wildlife too, including a very close encounter with our resident reptiles. We finish with a short walk through dry rainforest and a taste of local bush honey.

  • Capricorn Caves Park

    Enjoy the peace & tranquillity of this secluded nature based property set on 83acres. Relax with a campfire under the starry night sky & wake up to sound of the wildlife. Offering a variety of sites and spacious 2 bedroom deluxe cabins there is something to suit every traveller.
  • Cathedral Cave Tour

    Daily tours are conducted hourly by experienced guides through large well lit caverns with beautiful decorations, rare ferns and massive tree roots and occasionally small bats. The huge domed Cathedral Cave is renowned for its acoustics. A fun option at the end of the tour is a walk through the pioneer passage on to a swinging suspended bridge in the rainforest.
  • Geo Tour-Journey of Discovery

    This journey of discovery through an ancient landscape reveals the evolution of the earth with marine fossils from the Devonian era and mega fauna bone deposits in the Queensland Museums paleontology dig site. Past climate change is documented in the survival of rare flora and fauna. The tour will be interactive with the host guide incorporating elements of adventure and self discovery.