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Coral Expeditions

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Coral Expeditions is one of Australia’s longest established expedition cruise operators, celebrating 35 years in 2020. As an Australian eco-accredited expedition cruise line we take small groups of eco-aware travellers to the most beautiful and remote destinations in Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands. 

Ecotourism in Action

Each voyage aims to build awareness and appreciation for the natural world. Travelling with small group sizes significantly reduces our environmental footprint and our Expedition Team keep guests informed about how they can minimise their impact. Wherever possible we source food locally and avoid bottled water with desalination facilities onboard and complimentary stainless-steel refillable bottles.
Some of the initiatives that Coral Expeditions are involved in include:

• Involved with Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and QLD Parks and Wildlife in surveying and reporting
• Create cultural sharing through Indigenous people of Cape York, Arnhem Land and Torres Strait
• Contribute to small community economics and sustainable tourism enterprise through arts purchases, visitor fees and employment
• Replenish water in remote villages, plant trees in sensitive coastal areas and collect rubbish from beaches and waterways
• Low impact visits that are respectful of the environments we visit

COVID-19 update: Open for business by 1st of August 2020!

  • Australia Circumnavigation

    Undertake a full circumnavigation of the Australian Coastline over 60 days (59 nights). This is a voyage that will be a celebration of history, culture, nature and Australian Maritime history.  With our unique Xplorer tenders, explore hard-to-reach locations of historic significance or natural beauty. Visit famous places and share stories of historic maritime events that shaped our nation from ancient times to early explorers and more modern wartime.  Be immersed in the arts and cultures of the people and communities of Australia on your travels. Whether it be coastal walks, snorkelling the reef, sharing amazing wildlife encounters or just taking in the scenery, you will enjoy a unique perspective of the greatest coastline in the world. Our experienced Expedition Team, along with guest lecturers and special guests, accompany and guide our voyage. Their commentary and skill at storytelling will immerse you in the culture, history and nature of the Australian coastline.

  • Cape York and Arnhem Land

    Our Cape York and Arnhem Land cruise,  is a remarkable 11 or 12-night expedition combining the very best of the remote Northern Australian coastline including the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef, Cape York Peninsula, Arnhem Land, the Cobourg Peninsula and Tiwi Islands.

  • Christmas Island / Coco Keeling Islands

    This pioneering 27-night voyage of the island outposts off Australia’s west coast, a side of Australia that few have before.  Set sail from Fremantle on a true expedition to the farthest reaches of the Australian territories that takes in the Abrolhos Islands, Shark Bay, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef before returning to Darwin.  Learn of the Batavia mutiny and shipwreck and swim with inquisitive sea lions at The Abrolhos Islands. Explore the turquoise waters, islands and red sand country that Indigenous Malgana people of Shark Bay have inhabited for tens of thousands of years. At Cocos (Keeling) Islands, relax on Australia’s best beach, drift snorkel or kayak on a turquoise lagoon and admire the comical antics of Red-footed boobies. Wildlife abounds and astounds at Christmas Island, with famous red and robber crabs and discover tropical waters revered for extraordinary marine life. Ashmore Reef Marine Park is a sanctuary for seabirds and a nesting site for turtles. In between exciting excursions ashore, enjoy onboard activities and presentations and indulge in relaxing and inspiring days on the Indian Ocean seascape.

  • Great Barrier Reef

    Covering an area of over 2600 km and encompassing over 900 islands, the Great Barrier Reef is the worlds largest living structure and home to an abundant and thriving array of marine and birdlife species. It holds pride of place as one of the 7 natural worlds wonders of the world and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage area.  There is no better way to discover the Reef, islands and rainforests of this World Heritage-listed region than aboard an expedition ship over 3, 4 or 7 nights from Cairns.  Meet charismatic marine species including the sea turtles surfing the ocean currents, find Nemo nestled amongst the coral gardens and marvel at the magnificent humpback whale migration in the deep blue of the Coral Sea. Share the journey with soaring seabirds and swim, dive and snorkel at far-flung Osprey, Escape and Ribbon Reefs to name a few. Learn about ancient indigenous culture and Australian heritage at historic Cooktown. Visit a Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and stretch your legs with a hike to the summit of “Cooks Look”. This is undoubtedly the ultimate Australian holiday experience, and a ‘must do’ for any traveller visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Ningaloo

    Discover Western Australia’s Coral coast over 10 nights, and explore the extraordinary marine environment, historic islands, and striking coastline. Departing Broome, we will visit the spectacular Rowley Shoals Marine Park, the Dampier Archipelago and the Montebello Islands. Our voyage will culminate with a visit to Ningaloo Reef, home to vibrant marine life both large and small. Our marine experts and guides will lead our discovery of the untouched atolls, mega marine fauna and rare bird species that are found in this pristine coastal habitat.

  • Tasmania

    Departing from Hobart, we explore one of the most pristine and beautiful landscapes on earth. Enjoy bushwalks in five national parks and two World Heritage areas. Witness the stunning beauty of Wineglass Bay and spend two days exploring the wilderness area of Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour. Enjoy local oysters and cool climate wines on this coastal voyage. All along, you will be guided by our trademark Expedition Team including Guest Lecturers and a Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Ranger.

  • The Kimberley

    There simply no better way to discover the Kimberley than by small ship. Our itineraries have been refined over 20 years to offer the most comprehensive program available, featuring all of the Kimberley’s remarkable icons. Throughout your expedition our all-Australian staff and expert team of Guest Lecturers will impart a wealth of knowledge covering the region’s landscapes, history and culture – insights that only true local knowledge can deliver. And, when you discover the Kimberley with Coral Expeditions you won’t be required to visit a foreign port during your cruise – a regulation applying to our foreign-owned competitors – ensuring you make the most of every minute discovering the wonders of the Kimberley.

  • Torres Strait and Cape York

    Explore the mystical Torres Strait Islands and the remote coastlines to the tip of Cape York. Share an intimate expedition over 10 nights to small islands and reefs of the northern Great Barrier Reef, coastal walks along Cape York and the magic and mystery of our rarely seen Torres Strait Islands.  With almost 300 islands dotted across the narrow stretch of water between Cape York and Papua New Guinea, the people of the Torres Strait Islands have a distinct and vibrant culture. An expedition by small ship is the ideal way to access these remote regions and guests will be rewarded with the chances to meet these island communities and share their culture in a low impact and sustainable environment. With decades of experience and a deep respect for the communities of the region.