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Gilberton Outback Retreat

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Welcome to Australia outback hidden treasure. Private Luxury Retreat where you  experience a unique and genuine outback experience that will stay with you forever. Entwine yourself with nature,explore local ecological assets,discover native flora & fauna and soak up the tranquility of your exclusive private retreat overlooking the Gilbert River with magnificent panoramic views.

Ecotourism in Action

Gilberton has landscape of rugged hills and plateaus that supports a range of eucalyptus woodlands, Gilberton Station became Gilberton Nature Refuge in 2018 it will protect and conserve an amazing diversity of animals, plants and ecosystems. It is home to a mosaic of vegetation types, supports koalas and has Aboriginal, European and Chinese cultural heritage sites. Gilberton has always been proactive in looking after country, few initiatives that have taken place over recent years is water catchment facilities and total solar power.

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  • Botanical treasure hunt

    Walk through untouched bush beauty to find the hidden botanical gems. Discover species and rare albino wallabies while you climb through rock fortresses. Indulge in edible bush tucker, and gain a little knowledge through touch, taste and smell with your guide. Bird watchers and animal conservationists will have plenty of photo ops in the Nature Refuge on Gilberton.

  • Chinese History re-imagined

    Help local historian Lyn French piece together family and personal histories of the intrepid Chinese miners and their industrious gardeners, all of whom added to the story of gold and glory, and the settlement in the Gilberton area. Many died there, and Lyn has a plan to restore the Chinese cemetery. At least 43 burials were destroyed, names were lost, but with help they could be found again, so they can be honored at Gilberton.

  • Interpretive Guided Cultural Heritage Walk

    Walk the same path of the ancients... A hidden pathway takes you up a vertical climb of 350 m, through areas littered with evidence of past use. One key site holds multiple art panels, stenciled in the over spray style. New and old rock art speak of timeless community. A large alcove 3.5m up into the main shelter protects the "petroglyph's", stone story in engravings.

  • Luxury pampering with a Thousand Star rating

    Indulge yourself with the views which take your breathe away, and find a world where rustic elegance and functional furniture combine to make life's simple pleasures much more luxurious. Immerse yourself in a scenic plunge bath, where bush aromatherapy completely relaxes your senses. Make memories on the four poster bed, and relax into the folds of luxury, while your hosts pamper you.