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Explore Australia s wonderful Buccaneer Archipelago with One Tide Charters. A truly unique beach camping eco adventure and fishing safari, visiting remote pristine coastal wilderness areas of the Kimberley s Buccaneer Archipelago aboard an extremely safe, fast and robust aluminum catamaran which was built on purpose for exploring these uncharted waters.

  • 10 Day Prince Regent Adventure

    The 10 day Prince Regent Adventure incorporates highlights of the 5 day Horizontal Waterfall Thriller and includes Raft Point and Montgomery Reef as detailed in the Sale River Adventure. We travel on past Freshwater Cove to Langi and the petrified warriors where we have time for a fish and a swim. This area is very significant to Aboriginal people from the Worora language group, and in 2002 Greg took a number of traditional custodians and young people from the Mowanjum community to film practicing traditional customs in the area. We pass Kuri Bay with its pearl farm, and collecting some oysters on the way we travel on to Sheep Island to visit a grave site from the first European settlers who unsuccessfully tried to establish sheep farming. Travelling past a myriad of islands in close proximity to the mainland we make our way past the St George Basin to a spot called Camp Creek, which offers beautiful rock pools of fresh clean water trickling down from the waterfalls above. Its here in this beautiful location of sheer rock faces, crystal clear water holes that we set up camp for the night. In the morning after a hearty breakfast of bacon, sausages and eggs we travel with the tide to the mighty King Cascade Falls, which in addition to being anther Kimberley Wilderness highlight, has gained its notoriety from the Ginger Meadows Croc Attack. Anchoring up next to the falls, with the water cascading down the back of the boat we take a walk up the face of the cliff to the top of the falls and the many surrounding rock pools for a pleasant swim. The scenery looking back down to the river below is just spectacular. Its then back to the boat where we will head off to one of the many creeks to have a fish for that allusive barra. We then head back to Camp Creek to camp for the night with another top meal and a fresh water swim. In the morning we hike up past the waterfalls to the top of the plateau where we can take a relaxing swim in safety, away for the opportunistic eyes of the local saltwater crocodiles. Its also the last chance to catch a barra before leaving this idyllic spot to pick up on the highlights of our return trip. As an alternative to continuing on with some of the highlights of the return trip we can stop at Camden Harbour to do some serious hiking to the spot where Michael & Sue Cusack spent one year in the wilderness as part of a trip arranged by Dick Smith and the Australian Geographic in 1986. This location is in close proximity to the ruins of the Kunmunya Mission. While travelling around the Kimberley Coastline himself for 3 months Greg and friend Big Joe were the Cusack's first visitors in their remote wilderness location. Greg & Joe spent a week with the Cusacks, taking them to some of the surrounding islands and feature in the Cusacks book 'One Year in the Wilderness' which was published in 1989.
  • 12 Day Prince Regent / Sale River Explorer

    The 12 day Kimberley Coast Explorer combines the highlights of the other three trips.
  • 5/6 Day Horizontal Waterfall Tampi Sound Thriller

    Day 1 Depending on the tides the cruise normally departs from the Derby jetty at around 7.00am. 90 minutes later you have left the muddy waters of the King Sound behind as you arrive at the turquoise blue waters of the Inland Sea. Breakfast is served on board White Lightening as you view the magnificent rock formations and islands contained in the Inland Sea. After breakfast, depending on the tide it's off to one of the many mangrove lined creek systems for a spot of fishing, mud crabbing or exploring with a good chance of seeing a crocodile or two. With the fresh sea air, awe inspiring scenery and the excitement of catching some good sized fish, appetites are high so a lunch of home cooked cold roast chicken and salads is served on board. As you let your lunch settle and you soak up the warm sunshine, we cruise slowly out of the inland sea past Cascade Bay and the neighbouring islands, passing through the turbulent waters of Hells Gate towards a secluded beach where we will set up camp for the night. While Mitchell helps you set up your tents for the night you have time to explore the island, have a swim, or if you're still keen spend time with a flick rod and lure to catch a Queenfish or Trevally. As the sun sets over the islands on the west side of your secluded beach, you have time for a quiet drink before enjoying the catch of the day for dinner which is served on board White Lightening. Greg & Mitchell provide the evenings entertainment which will keep you laughing with jokes and stories of past adventures. Around 8.30pm it's back to shore to sit around the campfire for a nightcap and marvel at the stars before heading for bed. Day 2 For those early risers, there is time to have a quick refreshing swim, or do some more beach fishing before breakfast. We pack up camp and whilst enjoying that first cup of coffee or tea of the day with breakfast we set off for our next adventure in Cone Bay. Cruising past the Cone Bay Pearl Farms we head for Razor Island for some great fishing. After lunch its time to visit an old hermits camp set amongst tropical rain forests. We spend the afternoon exploring this magical place. With its beautiful fresh water pools there is time to have a refreshing swim before heading off to Strickland Bay to another secluded beach where you will spend your second night. Once again, as Mitchell helps set up your camp and Greg prepares the evening meal there is time to explore your surroundings, do some beach fishing or enjoy a quiet reflective moment as the sun sets over the surrounding islands. Day 3 After breakfast on day 3 it's off to collect some oysters for the evening meals entree (or for those who love fresh oysters, morning tea with a difference). You then cruise to Edeline Island to visit some old gravesites, which remind us of the risks, and dangers early pearl divers took in search of highly prized pearls.Its then off to do some trawling through a mass of water surrounded by the mainland called the graveyards. After lunch we travel through Whirlpool Passage, which offers spectacular scenery and a sense of just how strong and treacherous the tidal movement is, as you watch whirlpools erupt around you. We continue travelling North towards Cockatoo Island which is still mined for iron ore. We stop at Croc Creek for a very relaxing lunch while we explore the waterfalls and depending on the tides a swim in one of the freshwater pools. After a relaxing afternoon we cruise through Yampi Sound to another secluded beach to set up camp. By now everyone knows the ropes, and while Mitchell helps set up camp and Greg prepares the evening meal of Oysters Kilpatrick and Fish of the Day for main course there is time to explore. For those who are keen and time permitting, trawling in the Yampi Sound with Mitchell in the dingy can result in a good catch. Day 4 With an early start and breakfast on board White Lightening we set off for the Horizontal Waterfalls. The days activities are worked in around the tides, however at some stage in the day Greg takes White Lightening through the Horizontal Waterfalls where you can witness the power of tidal water surging through the small opening that causes the horizontal waterfall effect. As the swirling mass of water and ever increasing whirlpools become too strong for White Lightening to pass through we park out in front of the gap where you will see the horizontal waterfall effect at its peak. With some great fishing spots in close proximity to the horizontal waterfalls, we do a spot of fishing while we wait for the horizontal waterfalls to reach its peak. After all the fun and excitement of the Horizontal Waterfalls are over, we head off to Hidden Island and another secluded beach to set up camp for our last night in this spectacular wilderness. Day 5 After breakfast on board White Lightening we head off to Silica Beach with its powder soft beaches and crystal clear water there is time for a swim at this pristine location. From here we set off for a high speed run heading south as we traverse the outer islands of the Archipelago with time to explore coral reefs at low tide that offer an array of bird and marine life before making our way back to Derby with the incoming tide.
  • 8 Day Sale River Adventure

    Incorporating highlights from the 5 day Horizontal Waterfall Thriller we travel on to Raft Point. After a brisk uphill walk as we follow the cliff face around we arrive at an overhanging rock wall where the Wanjana paintings will intrigue you, leaving you with a sense of wonder as you reflect on those that have created such a lasting legacy. The surrounding scenery offers some magnificent views across Steep Island and Doubtful Bay. Its then off to Ruby Falls for a refreshing swim, and a chance to catch the allusive barra or do some mud crabbing. The next day we set off for the Sale River. Cruising with the incoming tide we meander through the picturesque river system. Our destination where we will camp the night is a white sandy beach with a fresh water stream set amongst a backdrop of over hanging cliffs and cool blue water. After lunch we head off on a bush walk to a magnificent waterfall and more indigenous rock art. The alternative for some is to sit back and enjoy a relaxing day swimming in a fresh water hole surrounded by rainforest vegetation, or a spot of barra fishing. We then head off to Montgomery Reef, where Greg took the BBC to film this phenomenon as a segment in one of their documentaries being compiled on significant tidal movements of the world. Arriving at high water we drop anchor in what appears to be endless miles of ocean. As the tide drops a raging torrent of water erupts around us as Montgomery Reef rises out of the ocean. Anchored up we find ourselves in a narrow channel sinking slowly below the horizon. Contained by reef walls on both sides all we can see is the ‘rooster tail' effect as the water cascades off the reef to the river forming below. What started out as a nice spot for a cuppa becomes a raging river as the waters rush past White Lightening to battle its way out into open water. Have a whale of a time! Our time at Montgomery Reef can offer a spectacular array of marine life where you may see whales, dolphins, dugong, turtles, manta rays and the black tipped reef shark continually patrolling the reef ledges At the end of the day it's off to find a camp for the night before continuing on with the remainder of the cruise as reflected in the Horizontal Waterfall Adventurer itinerary.