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Tarkine Trails

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Tarkine Trails offers small group walking experiences into the wilds of the takayna / Tarkine wilderness of Tasmania. Our specialty is fostering a quality, deep immersion wilderness experience in this special place. We are absolutely committed to sustainable eco-tourism principles. We employ passionate, highly experienced, professional guides, who deliver world class tours in the takayna / Tarkine region. We understand that by looking after this place and having a total ‘leave no trace’ policy we are preserving takayna / Tarkine for future generations. We abide by and believe in the philosophy that when you look after the land, the land looks after you.

  • 4 Day Tarkine Rainforest Experience

    4 day rainforest immersion day hikes based out of our exclusive rainforest base camp - Tiger Ridge, Tasmania.

  • 6 Day Tarkine Coast Expedition

    Full pack hiking adventure, exploring one of the most remote and beautiful wild coastal stretches of the world – the Tarkine wilderness in the north-west of Tasmania. The rugged, windswept takayna / Tarkine coastline showcases the true beauty and power of a wilderness landscape. The Tarkine coast is not only breathtaking, but the expansive ocean beaches, remote rivers and huge surf create a powerful backdrop for your Tarkine Coast Trail walking adventure.

  • 6 Day Tarkine Rainforest Expedition

    This trekking journey is Tasmania’s only multi-day rainforest trek within the takayna / Tarkine– Australia’s largest cool temperate rainforest. Join Tarkine Trails on a immersive trekking experience of a lifetime. To truly experience the Tarkine rainforest, you need to live it, breathe it, drink it – and walk it. Tasmania’s only multi-day rainforest walk enters this vast, tree-lined cathedral – Australia’s largest cool temperate rainforest. Recognised globally for its ecological significance, this forest is a living remnant of the prehistoric woodlands of Gondwana.