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Trek Tasmania is a boutique tour company focused on taking small groups into the wilds of our beautiful island, onto the paths less traveled and into the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. Our specialty is offering quality, deep immersion wilderness experiences; our commitment is to sustainable eco-tourism principles. We employ passionate, highly experienced, professional guides, who deliver world class tours in some of the most spectacular places in Tasmania. We understand that by looking after our wilderness areas and having a total ‘leave no trace’ policy we are preserving the areas that we visit for future generations. We abide by and believe in the philosophy that when you look after the land, the land looks after you.

  • 4 Day Walls of Jerusalem Base Camp Trekking Tour

    This pristine Wilderness World Heritage Area offers visitors the chance of experiencing a truly unique part of Australia, a part of Australia that time forgot. With its towering mountain peaks, ancient pencil pine forests, countless lakes, diverse endemic alpine flora and abundant wildlife – The Walls of Jerusalem is a must see for bushwalkers.

    The only way into The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is by foot, this remote untouched wilderness is only available to a select few. Our 4 day introductory trek takes us into the heart of the Central Walls area where we base camp for three nights. We have the luxury of day pack walking on day two and three, so we can make the most of this spectacular place and get to the mountain peaks and remoter sections of the park a little easier. Our base camp is located under the watchful gaze of Kind David’s Peak offering spectacular views of the Central Tasmanian Plateau and quick access to many wonders of the Central Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

  • 5 Day Frenchmans Cap Walking Tour

    Frenchmans Cap is a truly iconic Tasmanian mountain sentinel – one of the world’s great wilderness treks.

    Located at an impressive 1,446 metres above sea level, Frenchman’s Cap towers over some of the most breathtaking mountain country in Tasmania. The landscape dominating Cap was first sighted from the Tasmanian west coast and was a landmark recorded with the establishment of the penal settlement on Sarah Island, in Macquarie Harbour (1822-1837). Sculptured through the Pleistocene glaciation age, the features of the mountain and its surrounds are spectacular and offer a challenging trekking adventure. The famous wild Franklin River snakes its way around Frenchmans and forms part of this rewarding wilderness journey in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Five days enables us to complete this trek with good opportunities to summit this amazing peak and complete exploratory walks in the area.

  • 5 Day Mt Anne Walking Tour

    Including the highest peak in Tasmania’s remote south west corner – the Mt Anne Circuit Trek evokes scenes out of a lost world. Sheer Jurassic age cliffs, high peaks and ancient Gondwanan flora combine to offer an unparalleled trekking adventure.

    Our 5 day Mt Anne Circuit Walking Tour takes us on a challenging alpine traverse including the highlight of climbing south west Tasmania’s highest peak, Mt Anne (1,423m). We complete an exhilarating circuit walk in some of the largest and most spectacular mountain landscape found in Australia. Our trek covers varying alpine terrain and is, like most Tasmanian alpine walks, at the whim of the changeable weather. We allow 5 days to complete this adventure in order to give our small group the best chance of completion, including stunning side trip options. This is a technically difficult trek with tricky rock scrambling in exposed terrain, whilst carrying an expedition backpack. The walk is for very experienced trekkers who are comfortable with heights, trek fit and want a challenge facilitated by some of Tasmania’s most expert trekking guides.

  • 6 Day Flinders Island Walking Tour

    Named after Captain Matthew Flinders who first navigated these islands in 1798, Flinders Island is one Australia’s best kept walking holiday secrets.

    Flinders Island is the main island of the Furneaux group, a collection of 78 islands that stretch across Bass Strait between Tasmania and mainland Australia. A true hidden gem, Flinders is 75km long and 40km wide, with a resident population of about 800 people and is blessed with pure white beaches, crystal clear turquoise waters, striking mountain peaks and ranges. Flinders Island enjoys a more moderate climate compared to its neighbours, Melbourne and Launceston and is best enjoyed in the summer season. With a backbone of granite peaking at Strzelecki and continuing through the Darling Ranges, the island offers spectacular rugged mountain ranges, in addition to rich wide agricultural plains and stunning coastal scenery. The island has abundant native wildlife, gorgeous wild flowers and extensive stands of old growth forests.

    Trek Tasmania is excited to offer this guided walking tour, which will be led by two of our professional wilderness guides. This trek is fully vehicle supported so you only carry a day pack. Our guides love to source as much local produce as they can; our meals are a highlight of every trek. We take you to the must see places and the secret spots that no one else knows about, getting fully immersed in the wilderness heart of the island. Our Flinders Island 6 day walking holiday is about getting off track, slowing down the pace, swimming, camping and walking in a true wilderness wonderland.

  • 6 Day Overland Track Walking Tour

    The Overland Track is Australia’s most iconic wilderness trekking journey. Trek Tasmania offers an opportunity to experience this classic Tasmanian bushwalking adventure, showcasing everything that this Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area has to offer.

    First blazed in 1931, the Overland Track’s popularity grew from early ecotourism ventures in the region, particularly in the Cradle Mountain Valley itself. The now moderately graded track winds its way across some of the most heavily glaciated landscapes in Australia. Here, the tallest Tasmanian peaks guard some of Australia’s deepest valleys and gorges, including Mount Ossa (1,617m). Walking in this country is often considered life shaping. We believe the trail has its own folklore embedded into the unique cultural history of the Tasmanian highlands. Each day offers something new, from experiencing soaring Wedgetail eagles over Gondwanan forests, to some of the earths largest exposed dolerite rock forms. The Overland Track is one of the most varied walking experiences Tasmania has to offer; this unique diversity has underpinned its popularity.

    We spend 6 days walking the track, staying at purpose built group camping sites each night; add to this the company and expertise of some of the very best wilderness guides and you are guaranteed a trek of a lifetime.

  • 6 Day Tarkine and the West Walking Tour

    The Tarkine wilderness region encompasses 447,000 hectares of wilderness, including the southern hemispheres largest single tract of temperate rainforest, a wild western coastline with an extraordinary wealth of aboriginal cultural heritage sites and critical habitat for over 50 threatened species.

    Join Trek Tasmania on this fully accommodated day pack hiking adventure, exploring one of the most remote and beautiful parts of the world – the Tarkine wilderness in the north-west of Tasmania.

    The Tarkine (takayna) contains a wildly diverse landscape – including Australia’s largest patch of temperate rainforest – and a world of natural treasures including mountain ranges, wild river and cave systems, buttongrass moorlands, and a rugged coastline with long sandy beaches, grassy woodland and coastal heath. The plant and animal life here is as rich and varied as the many habitats that support them – it is alive with frogs, birds, 28 different mammals, endangered wedge-tailed eagles and the now rare Astacopsis gouldi – the world’s biggest freshwater lobster. It is home to one of the greatest concentrations of Aboriginal sites in Australia and reflects the history of more recent times telling the stories of miners, farmers and fishers.

    We explore the spectacular highlights and trails of the Tarkine region with stays in lodge style accommodation. Three nights at Corinna in eco-cabins, set deep in the pristine Tarkine rainforest along the banks of the majestic Pieman River is an experience not to be missed.

  • 6 Day Walls of Jerusalem Expedition Hiking Tour

    This pristine Wilderness World Heritage Area offers visitors the chance of experiencing a truly unique part of Australia, a part of Australia that time forgot. With its towering mountain peaks, ancient pencil pine forests, countless lakes, diverse endemic alpine flora and abundant wildlife – The Walls of Jerusalem is a must see for bushwalkers.

    The only way into The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is by foot, this remote untouched wilderness is only available to a select few. Our 6 day full pack walk takes us into the heart of the central walls area where we base camp for two nights. We have the luxury of a day pack walk on day two, so we can make the most of this spectacular place and get to the mountain peaks a little easier. On day three we head into the more isolated and remote parts of the park where few people venture. Our camps are located in the most picture perfect places, offering spectacular lake frontages, an array of wildflowers and stunning mountain peaks. This is true Tasmanian wilderness.

  • 7 Day Port Davey Track Walking Tour

    This trekking adventure takes you through the deep interior of the fabled South West National Park, culminating on the shores of one of the most unique marine reserves on the planet – Port Davey. Experience forgotten time, ancient flora and landscapes that embody the values of a true wilderness trekking experience.

    The scenery in this part of Tasmania is truly ancient. Our 7 day trek enables us to travel through a land forgotten in time, passing imposing mountain ranges and crossing, following timeworn river courses that have moulded to the landscape shifting of this epic wilderness. A challenging adventure, this trek takes our small group on a journey towards one of earth’s most pristine marine reserves located in the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area – Port Davey. Ancient, forgotten pockets of cool temperate rain forest contrast the moorland steppe of the Lost World plateau. Join us on this journey of discovery on a truly remarkable, life transforming trek, through a landscape also shaped by the first peoples of Tasmania. This trek can be combined with our 9 day South Coast Track Walking Tour to offer one of Australia’s most remote and challenging trekking adventures.

  • 9 Day South Coast Track Walking Tour

    A true gem at the very edge of the earth, the South Coast Track in Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area has it all.

    With precipitous peaks plunging into the ferocious Southern Ocean, wild rivers, pristine rain forests growing to the edge of unspoiled beaches and vast meadows of brilliant wildflowers, the South Coast Track is a must see and do. Our trip starts with a plane flight from Hobart, taking us into the very heart of this untouched remote wilderness area. We wave goodbye to our pilot and the real adventure begins. Taking 9 days and covering almost 100 km of the wildest, most spectacular country anywhere in Australia – we hike to places very few people go. This is a real journey; it’s not for the faint hearted but for those who like to challenge themselves, the rewards are immense and sometimes life changing.

    There are very few places like this left on Earth, an area so wild, so spectacular and totally unspoiled. The South Coast Track is a full pack carrying trip so a good level of fitness is required. We have one food drop in place on the track which will lighten the load. You will be carrying around 20kg. Our 9 day itinerary allows us time to relax, giving us the time to really take in the beauty and the feeling you get being in the complete wilderness. Having a rest day and a food drop half way along the trail gives us time to recuperate and lighten the load. It is an ideal place to take it easy, read a book, go exploring the many bays and sea caves or just sit on the beach gazing out at the Southern Ocean and its many islands. This trip is a favourite of our guides; the South Coast Track inspires, tests and ultimately rewards them like no other. Their vast knowledge and experience in the wilderness ensures a trip that will be a truly memorable life experience.