The Geotourism Forum was launched by Ecotourism Australia at the 2013 Global Eco Asia Pacific conference. It is a grouping of enthusiastic Ecotourism Forum members who are working to ‘add value’ to Australia’s nature-based tourism offering. The main purpose of the Geotourism Forum is to advise how best geotourism can be promoted and to further Ecotourism Australia’s interest in inspiring environmentally sustainable and culturally responsible tourism. Membership of the Geotourism Forum is open, at no additional cost, to any members of Ecotourism Australia who are interested in finding out more about geotourism or who have product offerings that are rich in landscape and geology features, all of which enhances visitor engagement, learning and enjoyment. Geology underpins almost all of a destination’s natural features and visitors are increasingly keen to learn about this distinctive part of the environment.

The benefits of joining the Geotourism Forum include the following.

  • Becoming part of a networked grouping dedicated to the development and advocacy of geotourism with emerging links overseas, particularly China.
  • The opportunity to contribute to geotourism policy development activity.
  • The opportunity to highlight individual positioning in the geotourism sector through participation in Forum activities and engagement with Australia’s National Landscapes.
  • Concessional registration fee for attendance at any Geotourism Forum meeting including the annual Global Eco Asia Pacific Conference.
  • Priority opportunity to sponsor Forum meetings and other activities.
  • The opportunity to be engaged in any designated Forum work plan activity through appointment to a working group.
  • The opportunity to participate in the LinkedIn Discussion Group  - Australian Geotourism Development.
  • Access to information concerning latest publications and overseas conferences relating to geotourism. 

Once registered with the Geotourism Forum, the member is able to designate a representative to attend all meetings of the Forum. The Forum is already planning for 2017 a number of designated meetings/workshops at locations in South Australia.

The Forum Steering Committee comprises Ecotourism Australia members with extensive experience in geotourism. The Chairman is Rod Hillman, Chief Executive, Ecotourism Australia. He is supported by Angus M Robinson, Managing Partner, Leisure Solutions®; Ross Dowling, Foundation Professor of Tourism, School of Business and Law, Edith Cowan University. Bruce Leaver, Chairman, Sapphire Coast Tourism; and Dr Young Ng, Chairman of the Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong.

For more information about geotourism and various exciting projects that are now emerging around Australia, the Geological Society of Australia has recently established a geotourism portal.

If you are already a member of Ecotourism Australia and would like to join the Geotourism Forum, please contact the Ecotourism Australia office at For more information about the Forum, please do not hesitate to contact Rod Hillman, CEO of Ecotourism Australia, on 07 3256 6777.

If you would like to learn more about Geotourism, Geotrails and Geoparks as a Tourism Development Opportunity for Regional Australia, you will find further information here.

If you would like to become part of the Geotourism Forum but are not a member of Ecotourism Australia yet, register now here.