Advanced Ecotourism | Certified since 1999

EA: What has certification meant to your business over the past 20 years?

BC & BBKV: Billabong Sanctuary celebrates its 35th birthday in 2020, a major milestone for a family owned business. Since its conception and development, it was always based on principles of sustainability, such as the use of recycled building materials, displaying native animals in natural habitats, and promoting an outdoor classroom where school children learn to respect the natural environment. The environmentally friendly practices we have embraced, such as bio systems and solar energy, have evolved with new technology. Advanced Eco Tourism principles are a guideline for us in maintaining best practice and a measure of standards to strive for.
Not only are we one of the region’s most respected tourism products, but within the wildlife park industry itself we are recognised as a business with integrity, one that that other parks like to deal with. Our staff enjoy working here and put in extra effort to achieve our goals.
All of our staff are passionate about sharing their love of the environment. Through daily wildlife talks and feeding shows they teach our customers about Australia’s unique fauna and conservation of native species. As our own contribution to this goal, the Sanctuary is involved in captive breeding programmes for the endangered southern cassowary and the threatened greater bilby. Visitors leave with a better understanding of ways they can promote conservation within their own community.
Recognizing that customers choosing an eco-based attraction usually begin their journey on the internet, we maintain a strong social media presence, emphasizing our core values of conservation through education.
For example, we are aware that Germans are very conscience of the environment and welfare of animals, and are looking for a wildlife experience that demonstrates authenticity. Records show that Germany represents the largest international market share for the Sanctuary.

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