Advanced Ecotourism | Certified since 2000

EA: Describe your ecotourism business in 3 words?

BRMR: Eco-Accommodation, Experience, Rewind

EA: What importance do you place in your ECO Certification? 

BRMR: Our ECO Certification is an important feature of the business. Many of our guests are coming to see the Platypus in the wild and experience the longest stretch of sub-tropical rainforest, most of them are nature lovers and very interested in unspoiled nature.

As we are directly beside the National Park, we are taking our responsibility very serious to be in line with the nature conversation and look for a sustainable future.

EA: How do you see the current circumstances influencing the ecotourism market over the next few years? 

BRMR: We think travellers will tend to prioritise smaller, family owned and authentic businesses over the big ones as they try to avoid crowded places and meeting a lot of other guests. This is definitely a bonus in the near future for most ecotourism operators.

We are extremely lucky that Australia is doing quite well in comparison to other countries and businesses have the chance to make the most out of the domestic market.
More people will be looking in sustainable travel and the eco certification is definitely an important draw card.

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