Ecotourism & Climate Action Business | Certified since 1999

EA: What has certification meant to your business over the past 20 years?

CAG: We are enormously lucky to operate where we do- on the doorstep of 2 World Heritage Listed areas- where unique environments boast a huge proportion of Australia’s native plants, trees and creatures.  We enjoy these everyday on our tours and as a business it is vital that we are also working to protect these things to be enjoyed for generations to come.  The last 20 years have seen huge changes to the industry and destination as a whole and we are immensely proud of our ongoing certification.  Accreditation not only ensures we are working towards conservation of the natural environment now but also that we are always striving to improve and looking for other ways to increase our commitment in the future.  It is imperative that we are at the forefront of best sustainability practices and certification helps us to focus on keeping the standards of our tours high.

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