Advanced Ecotourism | Certified since 2000

EA: What piece of advice would you give to operators entering the ecotourism market today?

CM: 1. Be environmentally conscious in all aspects of your business. Walk your talk and explain at every opportunity the importance of preserving our glorious planet. 2. Prepare well, research, respect the people, the environment, present and past. 3. Share dreamtime and stories with care, giving authentic accounts and be aware of cultural standards. 4. Forge relationships with likeminded people. 5. Source quality LOCAL ingredients.

EA: What importance do you place in your ECO Certification?

CM: Our ECO certification is a badge of honour. It is recognised by locals and travellers to be associated with quality and authenticity.

EA: What’s next for your business and what are you hoping to achieve over the next 12 months?  

CM: Cruise Maroochy is currently enjoying the increase in local tourism. We are also excited about the Sunshine Coast International Airport that has opened five kilometres away.

Although the trajectory has changed and the influx of international travellers has been slowed, the future is very bright for the tourism industry on the Sunshine Coast, especially ecotourism. Cruise Maroochy is looking forward to welcoming international visitors to view the wonderful ecosystem that is the Maroochy river catchment, including the world class Maroochy wetlands.

We are also introducing new ECO cruises observing local flora and fauna, offering guests the opportunity to take in another aspect of scenery the Maroochy River has to offer.

EA: Describe your best guest/customer experience to date.

CM: Our loyal customer Maureen Hurley and her hubby have been coming on the ECO cruise since it began. They have always included their children and grandchildren.

Maureen was the first to book when we changed to online booking and was the first to book online after the six months hiatus this year due to COVID. The entire family are nature lovers.

It warms my heart when Maureen books an ECO cruise and is still as excited as ever about it.
She is a wonderful advocate.

EA: How do you see the current circumstances influencing the ecotourism market over the next few years?

CM: 2020 has been an extremely hard year for ecotourism. I do see the recovery being strong and positive. We utilised the closure of our business to renew and rebuild, so that we could return better than ever.

Since returning to the water we have experienced an upward trend in sales as in general, customers do not want to put anything off until next time. Many of our visitors would have been travelling overseas and are now our captive audience. We are pleased to report every cruiser has been enthralled by the beauty & majesty right here in our own back yard.

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