Skyrail Rainforest Cableway

Advanced Ecotourism & Climate Action Innovator | Certified since 1997

EA: Twenty years is a long time. What is something you’ve learnt over the years that you wish you had known 20 years ago?

SRC: Starting a major tourism business from scratch proved a serious learning curve and the first few years, especially, were torrid given the complexities of running what was the world’s longest cableway at the time. We were fortunate that we were always focussed on the right things like guest experience, authenticity, our people and safety from the outset but there have been so many small things we’ve come to realise which make a difference. More than anything, we would tell ourselves “it is going to be worth it…hang in there”.

EA: What piece of advice would you give to operators entering the ecotourism market today?

SRC: Make sure you genuinely love and care for the environment that provides the platform for your business. If you don’t truly love what you do, your staff won’t either and your customers’ experience won’t be as competitive or enriching as it needs to be. Do it because you are passionate; and go above and beyond to exceed any compliance expectations.

EA: What importance do you place in your ECO Certification?

SRC: We are very proud of our continuing ECO certification. Skyrail was quite controversial when the plan to build a cableway over a World Heritage Area came about and having the nod of approval from the Ecotourism sector was one of several things that alleviated the fears of sceptics and signalled we were here for the rainforest and were truly intent on doing things the right way. Even though nobody doubts our intentions anymore, the market now is exponentially smarter and more intent on consuming ethical and sustainable products and experiences. Certification, in our view, gives them confidence that Skyrail is a bona fide, sustainably operated venture hence is vital to our ongoing success. We wouldn’t be without it!

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