Advanced Ecotourism | Certified since 2000

EA: How does being a member of Ecotourism Australia match your company’s values?

TL: I started Tread Lightly ecotours 23 years ago as an ecological guiding company while guiding for Jemby Rinjah Lodge, one of EA’s earliest accredited businesses. Our environmental values were aligned from day one with my background in environment studies and EA’s sustainability values. I decided to reinforce our sustainable ethos with NEAP accreditation to provide third party scrutineers that guests could rely on. This began our over 20-year journey of Advanced Ecotourism certification, ROC and Climate Action certification.

EA: What importance do you place in your ECO Certification?

TL: It is a great value to your business when guests can rely on an independent arbitrator to separate quality operators from unconfirmed. This helps target market our ideas to specific guests that appreciate our minimal impact sustainable values with high quality environmental interpretation.

EA: Describe your ecotourism business in 3 words?

TL: Sustainable - Cultural - environmental

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