Advanced Ecotourism & Climate Action Business | Certified since 1998

EA: Twenty years is a long time. What is something you’ve learnt over the years that you wish you had known 20 years ago?

WRC: Wavelength has operated since 1989 but John and I have only owned it for 5 years, however, we have been in marine tourism for most of that time on other projects so I guess it still applies! The most important thing is to keep improving your product over time – tweeking and checking particularly small but even large details on a regular basis. It’s a hard balance to have the best equipment and best people in a business and still survive the harder times but its worth the risk! 

I never thought that 20 years ago that climate change would become so real in our lifetime. It’s a turning point at the moment to try and lobby for changes in government attitude before its too late, not just for our businesses but the reef and even the wellbeing of the country as a whole.

EA: What piece of advice would you give to operators entering the ecotourism market today?

WRC: For someone starting in Ecotourism the advice I would give is to really do a proper business plan and make sure your product is really bulletproof as over time there will be ups and downs and its important to be able to weather whatever is thrown at you and most of all – give it 100% effort and if you are not good in any aspect eg marketing seek help – there are lots of people and organisations that are there to support you especially in that hard first year….

EA: What importance do you place in your ECO Certification?

WRC: The importance of ECO tourism certification is that it gives you credibility. If customers have heard of ECO tourism certification they will know that the company has been vetted carefully and they are likely to have the experience as stated and that eco credentials have been tested. Most people are more aware of the environment and are keen to have experiences that are eco-friendly or have eco tourism credentials.

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