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Hervey Bay Boat Club’s Sandy Straits Scenic and Wildlife cruise is a relaxed, five-hour tour through the pristine waters of the Great Sandy Straits Marine Park. On the tour you visit historic and naturally significant locations such as: Woody Island, North White Cliffs, Ungowa and Garry's Anchorage. 

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Photo: Hervey Bay Boat Club

Departing from the Hervey Bay Boat Club guests can relax on deck, wildlife spotting as you cruise south, along the picturesque west coast of World heritage-listed K’Gari (Fraser Island), to the famous Gary’s Anchorage, located approximately half-way to Tin Can Bay.

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Photo: Hervey Bay Boat Club

Passengers will see swathes of mangroves, and the famous sand cliffs of K’Gari. The surrounding sand flats and wilderness flourish with marine life and birds. Dolphins, turtles, and eagles are common, but you can also see more elusive animals such as dugong, sharks and the famous Fraser Island dingos.

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One of the key features of this cruise is the informative commentary on the sensitive, inter-tidal marine ecosystem and Ramsar protected area of international importance. The tour emphasises the vibrant presence of migratory shorebirds and the need to protect their population within the Great Sandy Marine Park World Heritage area. On the cruise, you will learn that the shorebirds occupy a range of habitats, including the mouths of creeks and estuary ecosystems, rocky ocean foreshores, sand spits and sandy beaches.

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Photo: Hervey Bay Boat Club

The commentary also focuses on local history, including early settlers, logging, the challengers of explorers Cook and Flinders. It begins with a paying of respects to local Aboriginal Butchulla peoples, Elders past, present and emerging.


The tour in includes a light lunch and is available November - June. Click here to book.  


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