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Congratulations to Australian Age of Dinosaurs on achieving Nature Tourism Certification for their Ultimate Dinosaur Tour, Maloney Lodge and The Jump-Up.

Australian Age of Dinosaurs endeavours to make Winton the dinosaur capital of Australia. By doing this, they will contribute to ongoing growth and development across the region. Sustainability is fundamental in their everyday practices, and Australian Age of Dinosaurs employs external agencies to ensure best use of resources and ensure staff and volunteers have in-depth knowledge of the local environment, biodiversity and products offered. By employing local suppliers as far as possible, Australian Age of Dinosaurs endeavours to contribute to the social, cultural and economic liveliness of Winton.

While at the destination, visitors can take the Ultimate Dinosaur Tour, where experienced guides take visitors on a journey through the museum and provide information on the unique local flora and fauna.

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Part of the Winton formation, The Jump-Up is dated around 98 million years old. It is a 75 metre tall mesa plateau. Visitors are invited to take a walk along established trails, where they will have the opportunity to explore the rich fauna, and the unique local floral biodiversity found on The Jump-Up.

Located on the Jump-Up, the Maloney Lodge offer five fully-furnished cabin style rooms. The lodge was established with a minimal damage approach, where furniture was donated or purchased from local suppliers. Food and supplies are bought locally and in bulk as much as possible.


The remote location of The Jump-Up ensures minimal light pollution from human activity and urban centres, which provides for an exceptional clear and dark sky.

We are happy to welcome Australian Age of Dinosaurs to Ecotourism Australia and once again congratulate them on their achievement. 

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[Photos from Australian Age of Dinosaurs]

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