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Congratulations to our newest certified operator, Back Country Bliss Adventures, for achieving Ecotourism Certification for their River Drift Snorkelling, Daintree Adventure Day and Bushwalking Tours!

Back Country Bliss Adventures are located in the beautiful area of Port Douglas and provide their guests with unique adventure experiences.  From the only river snorkelling tour in Australia to flying through the rainforest canopy with Jungle Surfing or secluded walks through the rainforest, Back Country Bliss gives visitors the opportunity to escape the crowds and experience the hidden wonders of Tropical North Queensland.

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Back Country Bliss Adventures aim to highlight the importance of protecting and conserving the Wet Tropic Heritage Area.  Their tours are limited to 11 people and this allows for a close interaction, education and supervision within the Daintree Region.  Guests learn about the unique plants and animals in the ecosystem on every tour, in the hopes they’ll form a greater respect and desire to conserve.

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Back Country Bliss Adventures’ envionmental policy includes:

  • Compliance with all environmental legislation and regulations.
  • Ensuring all their operations are desgined to avoid any long term environmental impacts.
  • Reducing their waste by resusing or recyling materials.
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from operations and continuously investigating best practice and reguarly revising climate change adaption strategies.
  • Educating visitors and spreading awareness of issues through environmental interpretation, therefore providing a more meaningful and unique visitor experience.
  • Educating visitors on the rainforest ecosystem to instil a greater respect and desire to conserve.
  • Supporting the local community through mutually benefifical partnerships.

Congratulations once again to Back Country Bliss Adventures for achieving Ecotourism Certification and welcome to the Ecotourism Australia family!

Back Country Bliss at ATE2018

For more information about Back Country Bliss Adventures, visit their website or Facebook page.


[Photo credit: Back Country Bliss Adventures / Lina Cronin]



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