Congratulations to Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo for Achieving Advanced Ecotourism Certification!

Posted by Annisa Maher on 15 March 2017 | Comments

Ecotourism Australia is delighted to congratulate Zoos South Australia, a non-profit conservation-based charity, for achieving Advanced Ecotourism certification for two of their attractions, Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo. These attractions are dedicated towards saving species from extinction and facilitating a deep connection between people and nature.

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Adelaide Zoo is Australia’s second oldest zoo, having first opened to the public in 1883, and is located adjacent to the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide, just a short walking distance from the CBD. Home to over 2,500 animals and 250 different species of native and exotic mammals, birds, reptiles and fish as well as over eight hectares of land, Adelaide Zoo operates on a not-for-profit basis and is dedicated to biodiversity conservation.

Monarto Zoo is located in the Murray region of South Australia, a 50-minute drive from Adelaide. Spread out over more than 1,500 hectares of land and hosting over 500 animals and 50 species of native and exotic mammals, birds and reptiles, it is one of the largest open-range zoos in the world and boasts a natural safari-style setting.

Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo have gained Advanced Ecotourism certification by demonstrating their ongoing commitment and implementation of various conservation programs, incorporating environmental interpretation and education into visitor experience, sustainable and responsible management of internal operations, and monitoring their organisational carbon footprint. 

Acknowledging the frontline role that communities hold in contributing to conservation efforts and spreading environmental awareness, Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo educate guests on how they can get involved and take action, as well as the impact of their contributions. Both attractions offer learning experiences for children, students, and visitors of all ages, covering species classifications, threatened and endangered species, and taking action for conservation and the environment.

Zoos South Australia are behind a range of conservation programs dedicated to captive breeding, conservation education, habitat restoration and biological studies and surveys. The policies of Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo surrounding conservation, the environment, animal welfare, interpretation and climate change are all transparently communicated to the public through their environmental management, business and strategic plans and annual reports. These policies demonstrate a genuine commitment towards achieving long-term conservation outcomes, reducing the organisation’s carbon footprint and creating a meaningful experience through the effective communication of information. 

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We support Adelaide Zoo and Monarto Zoo in their efforts to save species from extinction and educate visitors about environmental issues. Welcome to the Ecotourism family!

For more information, please visit their websites: and 

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