Congratulations to Murray River Walk for Achieving Ecotourism certification!

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Congratulations to Murray River Walk for achieving Ecotourism certification!

Murray River Walk aim to provide their guests a truly unique experience and help them discover the magic of the Murray river. The owner and founder, Tony Sharley grew up in the Murray River area and has called it ‘his river’ ever since. Murray River Walk provides an opportunity for Tony to share the stories of the Murray River, its challenges, its past and future, its wildlife and his knowledge of local Riverland food and wine. One of his aims is to provide inspiring experiences on the Murray River and achieve membership of Great Walks of Australia to raise the profile of Australia’s greatest river, the Murray.

"Our goal is to broaden the economic diversity of the Riverland region and South Australia by strengthening our regional brand and creating greater pride in our regional assets, so that our community is more resilient when future challenges arise.’’ – Murray River Walk

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By achieving Ecotourism Certification, travellers can be assured that Murray River Walk complies with Ecotourism Australia’s certification standards and requirements. Murray River Walk adopts a minimise waste production policy and works by a recycle and re-use ethos. The route alongside the river was carefully chosen to keep wildlife disturbance and damage to the environment to a bare minimum and the route is also reviewed on a regular basis to identify sensitive areas and plan alternative routes if necessary. Because of Tony’s broad knowledge on the area, both guides and visitors are educated on their surroundings and how to properly act while walking through the area. All litter during the journey is collected by the guides to make sure that no waste is left behind in the area.

The product, a 4-day 3-night journey into river time, takes you alongside various areas of the Murray River. Parts of the journey are on foot (about 35 km) and parts of it are by cruise (about 55 km). The entire tour is guided by either Tony or his colleagues to ensure a high level of quality and knowledge. You will spend your nights in luxurious houseboats, cottages and villas. All meals and wines included are of the highest quality and are all purchased from local suppliers.

"Our product combines some of the best Riverland and Murray River experiences over 4 days and 3 nights—a peaceful walk in nature, houseboat accommodation, superb regional food and wine—against the backdrop of a beautiful broad and noble river." – Murray River Walk 

Are you passionate about walking and do you want to be educated by the Murray River locals? Then Murray River Walk could be your next holiday! For more information, please visit their website and Facebook page.

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