Congratulations to Nomads Fraser Island Tours for achieving Ecotourism Certification!

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Nomads Fraser Island Tours has exciting and captivating 4WD tours on the largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island. These tours are 3 days and 2 nights or 2 days and 1 night, which are essentially guided tours of Fraser Island led by experienced, local guides that show the different aspects of the island whilst providing information on the cultural and natural history. You can cruise around 75 Mile Beach, which is the island's official road! Enjoy bush walks, refreshing swims at Eli Creek, Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and much more.

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Nomads Fraser Island Tours aims to enhance visitors’ experience by providing knowledge about the culturally significant areas on Fraser Island and the stories told by the Butchulla people, the local Indigenous people, about their culture and country. The tours inform visitors on which areas on K’gari were used for ceremonies, rituals, gatherings, child birth, fishing, disputes as well as tell stories and legends regarding the beliefs and connections Butchulla people have with the natural environment.

Upon visitation to Indian Head & Champagne Pools, the guides provide plenty of information about this area and Corroboree Beach, the most significant gathering place for ceremonies & rituals on the island. An explanation is given on the presence of a very high concentration of middens, how the area is rich in artefacts, and techniques used by Aboriginal people to trap fish. The tour also tells stories of how Captain Cook’s first sighting of “Indians” in the area was of them standing on what he later called Indian Head. Stories such as these are provided at each site visited on the island.

Nomads Fraser Island Tour have adopted several environmental strategies, including the creation of information boards regarding dune degradation and the expected loss of areas on the island due to sea level changes. To reduce their environmental impact, they have implemented a reforestation program and an erosion control monitor as well as feral animal control and noise reduction measures. In partnership with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Queensland, Nomads Fraser Island Tours aim to participate in the Fraser Island Dingo Conservation and Risk Management Strategy.

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For environmental reporting initiatives, the company will also partner with Conservation Volunteers in order to regenerate walking tracks and plant new native plants in the Eurong Resort grounds. They aim to continue partnering with likeminded climate friendly businesses and have also adopted green purchasing habits by choosing local suppliers that are environmentally friendly.

We congratulate Nomads Fraser Island Tours on their continuing environmental achievements and welcome them to our team of ECO Certified members at Ecotourism Australia.

To find out more follow them on Facebook and check out their website.

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