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Enjoy some of Australia’s greatest natural and cultural experiences with Rainforestation’s tours, designed to give guests ‘hands on’ educational experiences. Rainforestation Nature Park strongly believes that education is one of the best conservation strategies and implements this belief throughout its tours.

The Army Duck Rainforest Tour gives guests a ride in a unique WW2 amphibious vehicle taking on both land and water pathways. Whilst cruising throughout the nature park, a professional guide will teach you about the surrounding flora and fauna while you relax and enjoy the rainforest scenery. This tour also goes through the park’s special tropical fruit orchard, containing over 60 species of exotic tropical fruit.

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After the drive, why not stretch your legs and follow the boardwalks around the koala and wildlife park. You’ll get to meet the park’s many animals and reptiles, get up close and personal with a cute koala or feed some of the friendly kangaroos. Be sure to keep your distance to the not so friendly star of the park ‘Jack the ripper’, a 5-meter freshwater croc weighing a whopping 650kgs! 

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For a cultural experience, join an Indigenous Pamagirri guide who will teach your about the ancient traditions of the Kuranda rainforest and tell you about local Dreamtime stories. Who better to learn about the rainforest than from the people who have been its custodians for tens of thousands of years? The Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience also includes a traditional Pamagirri dance show in the rainforest amphitheatre which will leave you inspired to learn more about Aboriginal customs and traditions.

A great add on to the Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience is the Bush Tucka Walk, which combines education of the rainforest’s flora and fauna with traditional Aboriginal foraging techniques. Using your senses of touch, sight, smell and taste, you will discover a whole new way to appreciate the rainforest. Guided by a local Pamagirri, you will also learn about the traditional weapons and methods for hunting and fighting.

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In addition to providing guests with highly educational and enjoyable tours, Rainforestation Nature Park is committed to helping native wildlife and has its own volunteer program, which gives people the opportunity to care for wildlife and give back to the environment. This program connects likeminded people and gives assistance to local animal sanctuaries, enabling volunteers to establish positives connections both with the community and the environment.

We love the work that Rainforestation Nature Park is doing to educate people about our environment and we hope you do too! Show them some support next time you’re in Northern Queensland by taking a tour or joining the volunteer program.

Once again congratulations to Rainforestation Nature Park for their great efforts, we are glad to welcome you to the Ecotourism family.

For more information about Rainforestation Nature Park check out their website or facebook page.


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