Congratulations to Whale Watch Western Australia for achieving Ecotourism Certification!

Posted by Jacinta Palmer on 18 April 2017 | Comments

 Whale Watch Western Australia is a family owned business running since 1985. They started​ in pearling on the remote Pilbara & Kimberly coastlines and recently became involved in Whale Watching & Eco Tourism ventures throughout Western Australia, having also been certified with the Australian Tourism Accreditation Program.

Whale watch

They have operations in Augusta, Busselton, Perth Canyon, Bremer Canyon, Fremantle and the Swan River, amongst some of the most pristine and isolated environments. They’re driven to preserve these environments and design their experiences based on wildlife education, interaction and conservation.

Whale Watch Western Australia, VIP Captains Lounge Experience tour and Premier Reserve tour, on board the luxurious vessel the Steep Point, have both gained Ecotourism certification. This vessel boasts 5 viewing desks over 3 levels, so you’re sure not to miss the opportunity to view the resting grounds of local whales and wildlife.


The Premier Experience allows you to enjoy amazing and uninterrupted views from the water level to the huge open bow, upper grandstand deck and heated interior lounge with luxury seating whilst listening to live commentary from the Whale Watch Team. This service also includes an underwater camera and hydrophone.

The VIP Captains Lounge Experience is the ultimate Whale Watch Tour. With this exclusive experience, you will enjoy legendary tasting plates complimented with Margaret River Wines and local beers, dessert cakes, tea and coffee.

Captains Lounge

Guests are educated on the importance of conserving the natural environment and protecting marine wildlife, as well as the effects of climate change on these pristine environments. All tours and operations uphold the view to prevent, reduce, reuse or mitigate any harmful effects. With a commitment to ensure all activities are undertaken in a manner that exceeds all environmental regulation requirements and best practice codes.


Tickets can be purchased paperless, and all paper usage is limited in the organisation. All food and beverage, pamphlets and products are recyclable and reusable. Energy efficient lighting is favoured with the view to use a limited amount as necessary and utilise natural lighting. Whale Watch Western Australia offset their carbon emissions by purchasing them to minimise their contribution to climate change effects as well. Carbon offsets compensate for green-house gas emissions by providing critical funding for projects which absorb, reduce, or avoid the release of carbon dioxide elsewhere. This is a great contribution for a sustainable future.

Welcome aboard Whale Watch Western Australia to the Ecotourism Australia team!

If you want to discover more about these tours you can visit their website or follow them on their Facebook page.




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