Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay Achieves Respecting Our Culture Certification!

Posted by Jacinta Palmer on 10 May 2017 | Comments

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Ecotourism Australia would like to congratulate Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay for achieving Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certification!

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Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay currently holds Advanced Ecotourism Certification for two of their products and have now achieved ROC Certification! Go Sea Kayaks operate sea kayak trips in Byron Bay’s Marine National Park and often encounter wild dolphins, whales, turtles and other marine life.

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“The Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay experience is a natural, historical and cultural exploration of the area now known as the Byron Shire. It will showcase the valuable natural beauty of the Byron Shire and highlight the cultural significance that this area still holds.” –Go Sea Kayak.

At Go Sea Kayaks Byron Bay you’ll be introduced to local Arakwal youth who conduct guided tours and share stories about the rich local cultural and history of the area. These guides are provided with training opportunities and employment. The Arakwal guides and community leaders approve and support the use of cultural content for indigenous and non-indigenous guides to deliver. Only after consultation is the appropriate information delivered on tours.

Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay prides themselves in delivering engaging and educational experiences with a range of topics covered on their tours. These include the use of specific flora used by the local Arakwal Indigenous people and the importance in protecting these and the human impact on the local area and how this has changed over time.

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Cultural values such as “Don’t take from Country”, and “Acknowledgement of Country” are incorporated in Go Sea Kayaks Byron Bay tours and general operations. Guests are encouraged to support and respect these values during their kayaking experience, ensuring respect for flora and fauna and the land which they are on. Local connections to wildlife totems are also highlighted to guests which hold sacred meaning to the local Arakwal community.

Go Sea Kayaks Byron Bay have made great efforts to incorporate respect for the cultures of Australia which is supported by and demonstrated through their ROC certification. Their ROC certification is an outstanding achievement and compliments their commitment to environmental conservation through their Advanced Ecotourism certification. To find out more about Go Sea Kayak Byron Bay, visit their Website and Facebook page.

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