Great Prospects for Australia's Tourism Industry in 2016

Posted by on 22 December 2015 | Comments

Australia on American’s 2016 Travel Bucket List

According to Tourism Australia, American Travel Magazines, such as Travel + Leisure and, Afar and Departures, Australia is on the 2016 Travel Bucket List. Both magazines emphasised that Australia’s remoteness and gourmet products create special culinary experiences adding to the well understood nature experience. Adelaide, Margaret River and Tasmania were recognized as Top Destinations. The Great Barrier Reef is expected to also experience an increase in tourism for 2016 on the back of Sir David Attenborough’s new documentary series.

Aquatic and coastal experiences

Alongside Sir David’s documentary series, Tourism Australia will release a new campaign early next year, featuring the country’s aquatic and coastal experiences. Sir David’s documentary series will showcase the Ribbon Reef, Osprey Reef and Lady Elliot, Magnetic, Orpheus, Lizard and Heron Islands. These places go alongside a study made by Tourism Australia, which shows aquatic experiences are strong selling points that can attract tourists from around the world. Similar to the “Restaurant Australia” campaign, the new campaign will focus on Australia’s aquatic and coastal experiences to broaden the appeal for international travellers. 

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