Media Release: Ecotourism Australia reconfirms Rick Murray as Chairman

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On Sunday, Ecotourism Australia held its first meeting of the new Board elected at its recent Annual General Meeting and reconfirmed Mr. Rick Murray, of Northern NSW, as its Chair and Mr. Michael Collins, of Perth, WA, as its Deputy Chair.

"I am honoured to have retained the trust of the Board and look forward to an exciting year for Ecotourism Australia" said Mr. Murray after the Board Meeting. "The Board has reconfirmed our commitment to our members by increasing our services and benefits".

The new Board has strong connections in and knowledge of our industry right around the country and is developing a strategic plan to move the organisation forward that continues to bring value to its members, increases its relevance to stakeholders by providing clarity of purpose and aims to be seen by all as providing solutions. Ecotourism Australia's broad policy objectives to Government and other Stakeholders were also reconfirmed:

  *   Protect the Parks,

  *   Involve the Operators,

  *   Invest in the Future, and

  *   Incentivise Quality

"2015 will be an important year for ecotourism and our organisation is positioned and equipped to bring benefit to our members. Significant issues such as Commercial Development in Parks, the policy issues associated with most governments ignoring product development and the need for quality in operations and the reality of opportunities in Chinese and Indian markets are all challenges we intend on meeting" said Mr. Murray. He also noted that EA will keenly work with the 16 National Landscapes to help to ensure that their plans continue to be promoted and pursued.




Rod Hillman

Chief Executive
Ecotourism Australia Ltd

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