National Recycling Week 2017

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The 13-19th of November 2017 is National Recycling Week! This is an annual event that gives individuals, councils and businesses the opportunity to learn more and become better recyclers. We have taken this opportunity to highlight the importance of recycling in the tourism industry.

The aim of National Recycling Week is to increase the environmental benefits, including greater tonnage and less contamination, of kerbside, industrial and community recycling programs.

Tourism creates a massive amount of waste, so recycling is an essential part of making travel sustainable. People create more waste when travelling than if they were at home, so it is especially important that travel operators reuse, reduce and recycle.

Ways that tourism operators can recycle include:

-          Recycling all glass, plastic and metal

-          Recycling energy though solar power

-          Composting food waste

-          Recycling grey water

-          Using local recycled materials for construction

-          Collecting waste from tours and later disposing in recycling facilities

-          Refilling soap and shampoo dispensers

-          Limiting the use of individually packed products

-          Move booking, filing, and marketing activities online to reduce paper usage


Why not get involved in some of National Recycling Week events such as: Friday File Fling, hold a Recycling Drive or by simply raising awareness and improving your recycling habits. Remember to tag us in your photos so we can share your experiences!


Do you know someone who’s going above and beyond to recycle and reuse? We want to know about it! Contact us on or through our social media channels.

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