Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Parks Breeding Program- Orange-bellied Parrot

Posted by Aya Pigdon on 4 May 2017 | Comments

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We would like to acknowledge the efforts of Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park, an Ecotourism Certified operator, in contributing to conservation breeding programs aimed at reintroducing endangered species into the wild.

In its most recent endeavour, Moonlit Sanctuary has partnered with The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP), Zoos Victoria, Melbourne Water, Parks Victoria, BirdLife Australia and the Tasmanian Government to run a Mainland Release Trial Program in Victoria for the critically endangered Orange-bellied Parrots (OBP).

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With less than 50 of these beautiful birds left in the wild, the program is seeking to provide survival benefits to the species, by releasing small flocks of OPBs into suitable habitat who will in turn hopefully attract naturally migrating birds into suitable habitat as well. This April, Moonlit Sanctuary provided four of the eleven Orange-bellied Parrots that were released in a restricted area at the Western Treatment Plant in Werribee, with radio transmitters attached to them for convenient monitoring.

The latest news is that two weeks after the release, 10 of the 11 have been identified which is a very positive result. Birds have been observed eating wild foods and forming small flocks. A wild female has arrived at the release site and she has been seen flying and feeding with two of the release birds. This is very exciting as this is exactly what this program aimed to achieve.

OBP 1 editedMoonlit Sanctuary achieved Ecotourism certification in 2005 and maintain their certification, in part, by demonstrating their commitment to various other conservation breeding programs and educational conservation initiatives. As well as assisting in the conservation of endangered species such as the Tasmanian devil, the Spot-tail Quoll and the Southern Bettong, Moonlit Sanctuary provides education to students on subjects such as endangered species breeding and management, habitat restoration and Southern Australian bio-diversity. Moonlit Sanctuary has been certified since 2005 and they are now one of our Green Travel Leaders!

Thank you for your efforts in the conservation of these beautiful parrots! 

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