Otway Brewing's Spotted Ale

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If you’re one of those people that loves a good cold beer on a hot summer’s day, then you'll love Otway Brewing’s ‘Spotted Ale’. What makes the Spotted Ale so unique, is that the water used to make the beer is sourced from the lush forests of the Otways. So Otway Brewing are certainly blessed to have the availability of pure Otway rainwater, and brew all their beers with this ‘Gift of God’. Spotted Ale also is an internationally award winning beer, so you can trust that it is of the highest quality.

Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) became partners with Otway Brewing in 2013, and launched the ‘Spotted Ale’ at the Age Harvest Festival, from which 100% of the profits went towards supporting CEC’s Tiger Quoll Conservation work. Tigers Quoll’s numbers are in huge decline, and the Otways are a stronghold for these animals. So you can be assured that while you are indulging in some tasty handcraft beer, you are also helping the CEC do some fantastic, much needed conservation work.

CEO of CEC Lizzie Corke has mentioned that, “The Otway region holds incredible potential for the future of our native wildlife. We need innovative approaches to ensure the future of these precious species and this partnership shows just how our community can work together for very exciting outcomes.”

So if you would love to get behind this great initiative and support our local breweries and wildlife conservation at the same time, read more about Otway Brewing here. Also if you would love to get your hands on Otway’s ‘Spotted Ale’ for your own tasting or to stock , check out their store here.

Furthermore, if you are an operator and already stock alcohol products, and would love to stock this fantastic beer, contact Otway Brewery on this number (03) 5233 8400.

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