Over 20% of Aussies want a real Ecotourism experience

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New statistics released in June 2015 by Roy Morgan Research have found that 21.6% of Australians (some 4.2 million people) agree with the statement, “For my next holiday, I’d really like a total ecotourism experience”, up slightly from 19.3% (or 3.6 million) in the year to June 2011.

But while interest in eco-friendly travel is gradually rising, the proportion of Aussie holidaymakers who lived the green dream (“a real eco-tourism experience”) on their last trip remains extremely low at 1.1%. Whether this is due to a lack of ecotourism options, lack of understanding about what true ecotourism entails, or a lack of affordable ecotourism options is debatable, but one thing is for sure: it represents a stunning opportunity for accommodation providers and tour operators.

Certain destinations within Australia are particularly popular with travellers who say they’d like a total ecotourism experience on their next holiday. For example, almost 45% of Aussies planning to go to the Ningaloo/Coral Bay/Exmouth region in Western Australia on their next trip would like their trip to be eco-friendly – more than double the national average.

People planning to visit the Dandenong Ranges/Yarra Valley area outside of Melbourne (39.5%), Mt Buller in snow season (38.7%) and Kalgoorlie (38.4%) are also considerably more likely than the average Australian to express interest in a total ecotourism experience.

These new statistics provide some insight into what domestic holidaymakers are looking for when they travel, and are good news for our certified ecotourism operators. Now is the time to amp up the ecotourism angle when marketing to domestic travellers!

Read more on the Roy Morgan Research website here.

(Image: Sail Ningaloo - Advanced Ecotourism&Climate Action Business -Coral Bay WA)

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