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You may have noticed we've been talking a lot about “bucket list” experiences lately.

That's because we believe Australia is full of them. 

But it's not just the big stuff! Whilst many people associate “bucket list” experiences with things like bungee jumping, flying a helicopter or going shark cage diving, the most memorable experiences – the ones that stick with you for the rest of your life – are often the ones that were meaningful for other reasons.

They’re the moments that happen almost incidentally - when the day's over, the breeze is gentle and the afternoon sunlight gently lingers on the horizon as you sit in wonder, looking out over the vast landscape with your afternoon coffee.

They're the feeling of accomplishment after a long day of hiking through Australia's wilderness. The sense of adventure you feel riding a motorbike through the rainforest. The friendships you build over a campfire in the middle of the outback. The moments of pure, blissful relaxation as you stretch out your legs and unwind in one of the country's great luxury eco-lodges.

It's the feeling that - despite everything else that's going on in the world - life is beautiful, and it's good to be alive.

We want to tell these stories. 

We want travellers to add YOU to their bucket list. 

If you're an Ecotourism Australia certified operator, we want to hear about the unique bucket list experiences YOU can offer to your guests. 

The survey below takes just a few minutes, and will help us to compile story ideas on Ecotourism Australia certified "bucket list experiences" around Australia to showcase on our website and social media pages. 

We would love to share your little piece of paradise - and its magic - with the world!

Click here to fill in the survey now. 

Click here to contact Ecotourism Australia's Communications and Audit Manager, Lina Cronin, if you have any questions. 

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