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Congratulations to WSUP Stand Up Paddle Boarding for achieving Nature Tourism certification for their Stand Up Paddle Board Lessons!

WSUP holds its lessons on the Geelong Waterfront, Ocean Grove, Barwon Head and Portarlington. Stand Up Paddle Boarding is an eco-friendly way of interacting with nature and exploring the marine life. During the Eco Tours on the beautiful Barwon River, the paddle boarders are given the opportunity to learn more about the importance of mangroves to the ecosystem.

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Knowing the significance of protecting the environment, instructors educate clients on conservation. Litter that is found during the lessons is picked up and clients are made aware of the negative effects waste can have on local marine life. The instructors lead by example and inspire clients to take a pro-active role in protecting the local beaches.


The protection of the environment plays an important part in the operation of WSUP’s business. To avoid pollution of the waterways through generic sunscreen, WSUP provides all staff with Australian made Sun & Earth Zinc sunscreen. Further measures taken to minimise the impact on the environment include the installation of solar panels for the home office space. Furthermore, wetsuits are washed with biodegradable detergents and with water from water tanks.


WSUP is a supporter of Friends of the Bluff. They also encourage others to take action by organising dune rubbish removal and river clean up days. 

We are happy to welcome WSUP to Ecotourism Australia and once again congratulate them on their achievement.

For more information please visit their website or Facebook page.

[Pictures sourced from WSUP Facebook.]


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