What is Climate Action Certification?

Climate Action Certification is designed for all sectors of the tourism industry including hotels, attractions, tours, transport, restaurants, travel agents, tourism commissions and industry bodies.  The Climate Action Certification program is dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and assuring travellers that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices related to addressing climate change.

Climate Action Certification will provide businesses with:

  • an understanding of climate change concepts and terminology
  • awareness of credible offsetting activities that can be undertaken
  • clear and practical ways of reducing their carbon footprint – reducing carbon emissions through design, equipment selection and changes in operational practices
  • best practice examples relevant to the business sector and operating environment
  • approaches to adaptation that will assist both the individual enterprise and the collective industry and community within its area of operation

In addition to emissions reduction strategies, the Climate Action Certification program places significant attention on adaptation responses – as these are perhaps the most vital to business planning, development and investment. Completion of the Climate Action Certification program is undertaken through a user-friendly PDF workbook application.

Many of the initiatives recommended in the certification program will provide cost savings to the business through efficiency gains. Others provide broader sustainability gains and contribute in a real way to better environmental and community outcomes.

While the Climate Action Certification program is completely stand alone, Ecotourism Australia has actively sought to complement existing environmental certification schemes where overlaps may occur (e.g. with ECO Certification, Green Globe and Greenhouse Challenge plus). The Climate Action Certification program has sought to recognise and give credit for relevant portions of these alternate schemes. 

The Climate Action program will be upgraded regularly as new technology and tools become available and as legislation changes. A third-party auditing process has been established to ensure the credibility of the program. 

Climate Action Certification is divided in three levels:

Climate Action Business

Businesses have undertaken a set of adaption and emissions reduction actions but are not necessarily measuring their carbon footprint.


Climate Action Innovator

Businesses have undertaken a set of adaption and emissions reduction strategies and are auditing and measuring their carbon footprint.

Climate Action Leader

Businesses have incorporated strategic climate change responses across all relevant levels of business planning and operations. They are measuring and auditing their carbon footprint via a creditable system and have undertaken an advanced level of adaptation, emissions reduction and offsetting and are working towards becoming carbon neutral.

For more information, download our Climate Action Certification Essentials Guide