Upgrading Level of Certification + Additional Certifications

Once certified with your primary certification, you can add other certification programs. 



Upgrade Assessment Fee

Upgrade to a higher level of Certification


Adding ROC Certification


Adding ECO Certification

$120 assessment fee + discounted annual fee



How do I Proceed with a Certification Upgrade?

  1. Contact Ecotourism Australia and advise them you wish to upgrade your level of CA Certification or add a second certification program.
  2. Ecotourism Australia will issue you with an editable PDF for completion as well as a copy of your original application if needed.
  3. Submit your application to Ecotourism Australia with all supporting information and documentation. 
  4. Ecotourism Australia will assign your completed application to an independent assessor.
  5. The assessor will determine whether the upgrade or additional program certification can be granted and at what level.  You will have the opportunity to clarify or address any outstanding criteria that the assessor needs at this time.
  6. If successful, we will update all your products with the new level of certification or additional program and provide you with your new certificate and logos.