By following the best practice standards offered by Ecotourism Australia you will be able to provide a high-quality recognisable product to consumers, whilst increasing your sustainable development - creating cost savings, improving the image of your organisation and establishing closer connections with your local tourism and protected area management organisations. Environmentally responsible choices for your business make good economic sense – significant cost savings can be made by changing just a few simple practices. You will also be in a better position for applying for tourism awards and grant funding opportunities. 

Did you know?

Ecotourism is the perfect deal for Australia’s most frequent type of visitor, “The Experience Seeker”.

Australia has something to offer for every holiday type, whether it be trekking, snorkelling and diving, honeymoons, spa, or cruising, and whatever category of visitors your product covers, you want your business to attract the largest number of visitors. Reports from Tourism Australia have shown that 30% to 50% of inbound visitors could be categorised as “The  Experience Seeker”. “The Experience Seeker” is looking for  authenticity, opportunities to learn and experience something different, adventure and like most consumers, quality and value for money.

Ecotourism Australia certification is a great way to show these visitors that you have what they are looking for.


What do others have to say?

Nearly twenty years ago as I was developing our tour operation - we needed guidance on how to 'green' it. EA's Accreditation process gave us the knowledge and expertise to achieve our goals.  We have achieved much since then and want to congratulate EA for their support and consistency over the past twenty years.

Mike Keighley, Owner/Operator, Far Out Adventures


The Daintree Discovery Centre has had a long and very enjoyable working relationship with Ecotourism Australia - one which has not only provided international credibility to DDC's tourism product but also widespread recognition of our continuing achievements in environmental conservation and rehabilitation. But the best relationships are those that are mutually beneficial and we believe that, despite being a small, privately funded interpretive facility, located in the heart of a tropical wilderness, the Daintree Discovery Centre's incredible success story has been able to contribute something to the Ecotourism Australia community in return. From humble beginnings in 1989, DDC is the ultimate 'rags to riches' story. Despite a crippling 9 month long pilot strike (6 weeks after we opened), 22% interest rates, sky rocketing fuel prices, international conflict, industrial unrest, frightening pandemics - topped off by the latest economic turmoil, we have survived! Over the past 22 years we have learnt a lot - particularly about environmental sustainability, and one of our greatest pleasures is to be able to share this love and knowledge of ecotourism with others; not just the 85,000 people who visit the Centre each year, but also with industry colleagues. And Ecotourism Australia is the perfect vehicle for linking likeminded people together.

Pam Birkett, Owner/Director, Daintree Discovery Centre


Industry Recognition

Being an ECO Certified business demonstrates a business's commitment to sustainability and assures travelers your products and services are backed by quality assurance.

To learn more about the benefits of being an ECO Certified business, download our informative facts sheet here.