Certification is recognised and rewarded by Australian State licence and permit mangers. To find out the industry recognition applicable to your business visit here.


  • For all Certified operators, certification is recognition of a high standard of operations when applying for grants, awards, licenses or permits.
  • For ECO and ROC Certified operators you are entitled to use the TQUAL logo at no extra cost and receive a listing on the TQUAL Trip Advisor website. 
  • For ECO and ROC Certified operators you are entitled to use the Tourism Accreditation (gold tick) logo at no extra cost.
  • For ECO Certified operators, this program has been recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).
  • For ECO operators certified for 10 years or more, you will receive a listing as Green Travel Leader and opportunity to use the Green Travel Leader logo in your marketing material. 
  • Certification schemes offer independent assessment and recognition of your credentials for consumers to be assured of your commitment to quality and service. 
  • Certified operators have the opportunity to nominate for Ecotourism Australia’s Annual Gecko Awards. 


  • Free listing (with image, your website and contact details) on Ecotourism Australia's website and searchable under the Green Travel Experiences tab - this is promoted at ATE to international buyers.
  • Free linking of your products to an interactive map on Ecotourism Australia's website
  • An opportunity to upgrade to our Gold or Silver listing options on Ecotourism Australia's website
  • Free opportunities to feature in our monthly EcoBytes newsletter distributed to over 6000 subscribers and new EcoBytes blog.
  • Be represented at ATE.
  • Ecotourism Australia regularly features Certified operators through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and reaches out to over 2000 followers.  
  • Ecotourism Australia will feature and refer to Certified operators in Green Expos, trade events, media referrals and editorials. 


  • 25% discount for the Annual Global Eco Conference.
  • FREE listings for Certified operators and EcoGuides to advertise on Eco Jobs on our website and in EcoBytes.
  • Dual Certification for ECO and ROC – no additional annual fee.
  • Heavily discounted fee for operators already Certified through ECO or Climate Action to gain a second certification.
  • EcoGuide discounts for operators with multiple certified EcoGuides. 


  • Membership of Ecotourism Australia with all Certifications.
  • Nominated representatives have full voting rights at the Annual General Meeting held at the Global Eco Conference each year. 
  • Nominated representatives have right to nominate and/or stand for election to the Board of Directors of Ecotourism Australia.  


  • Commitment to the ECO, ROC and Climate Action certification programs demonstrates a commitment of continuous improvement through certification upgrades, external audits and an opportunity to use developed templates for improving business performance. 
  • Opportunity to feature in, or provide ecotourism case study for publication and distribution through Ecotourism Australia.
  • Opportunity to create local networks of tourism professionals with certification to promote operations and encourage shared practices.