How does it work?

Step 1:

Register for your certification application online and pay your once-off registration fee.

See Certification Fees for registration rates.


Step 2:

Receive the confirmation email with your login details for our certification portal: is where you will find the criteria, step-by-step guidance and templates, examples, and resources to assist you in compiling your plans and supporting documentation.

Now is a great time to arrange a coaching session with one of our dedicated certification coaches for advice on getting started on your application.

Work through the criteria and develop your supporting plans - you have 12 months from your registration date to submit your application. 

Remember: You can contact our office anytime if you're having difficulties. Advice and coaching sessions are free and unlimited for all applicants. 

Your application will be complete when you have addressed all applicable criteria on and uploaded the required additional documentation (e.g. environmental management plan, etc.)


Step 3:

Once you've completed your application, let your certification coach know. 

We will conduct an internal review to ensure your application is complete and contact you if there are any further requirements. We work closely with you to assist in addressing outstanding requirements.


Step 4:

Ecotourism Australia will submit your application to an independent assessor. The assessment process generally takes up to 2 weeks.

The assessor will conduct their review of your application and return their assessment to Ecotourism Australia with any recommendations.

Your certification coach will work closely with you to address any outstanding requirements.


Step 5:

Once you're satisfying all requirements, certification is granted.  

Once certification is granted, your first annual fee will be payable.

Certification is renewed on an annual basis on the anniversary of your certification being granted. 


Still unclear? 

Please contact us on 07 3256 6777 or at and we will be happy to assist you.