How does it work?

Phase One: Agency Level

Step One: Commitment by Agency 

  • Agency to confirm commitment and nominate a Project Officer as the key contact for the certification process; to follow through to the completion and submission of the Agency Commitment Form
  • An Invoice will be sent for Phase 1 on receipt of this Form

Step Two: Establishment

  • A full day face-to-face consultation session (Ecotourism Australia + Agency Project Officer) to establish the Work Plan; including the nomination of Protected Areas, engagement of Protected Area specific staff, and the workload division of criteria and coaching schedule

Step Three: Agency Application

  • Agency Project Officer to complete the Agency-wide criteria applicable to all nominated protected areas
  • Dedicated certification coaching (up to a maximum of 40 hours) is provided by Ecotourism Australia to assist the Agency Project Officer

Phase Two: Protected Area Level

Step Four: Individual Protected Area Application

  • Protected Area Manager to complete the Protected Area specific criteria
  • Dedicated certification coaching (up to a maximum of 24 hours) is provided by Ecotourism Australia to assist Protected Area Manager
  • A visit to the Protected Area including a workshop with key staff is highly recommended (optional). This can also be delivered as a workshop with several Protected Area Managers in attendance at a central location. This will have been negotiated during Step Two

Step Five: Final Submission by Agency + Assessment

  • After the Protected Area Manager has completed the Protected Area Specific criteria the Agency Project Officer will conduct a final review and submit to Ecotourism Australia
  • Ecotourism Australia will conduct a desktop assessment of the application outlining any outstanding criteria, and recommendations for addressing these where applicable

Step Six: Onsite Audit

  • An onsite audit at the Protected Area including interviews with key staff, along with a workshop, will be conducted prior to certification being granted.  An audit report is provided with key recommendations
  • A Sustainable Tourism Training Module (Optional) can be delivered at this time - additional costs are involved

Step Seven: Certification Granted

  • A communications strategy will be rolled out in partnership with the Agency when each Protected Area achieves certification